Wireless Outdoor Siren

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The Wireless Outdoor Siren has a 120db high output alarm.

It has 3 alarm functions and a delay timer:

  • siren + signal light,
  • signal light only,
  • siren only,
  • delay timer 0-10s

It can be used as a siren alarm with the HA-SYSTEM. The Siren can also be used as a stand-alone siren by connecting up to 8 additional sensors, HA-MOTION, HA-SENSOR, HA-MOTION-OD.

Once one of these sensors detects motion it will sound the alarm.  The siren has an automatic shut off.

Every 30 seconds the alarm will turn on and off once the alarm is triggered until its reset. This lets you know there was an intrusion attempt if you are gone and did not hear the alarm go off.

The siren comes with power adaptor and wall mount. It will work with 4 AAA batteries (not included).

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