Door Stop Alarm


This wedge shaped Door Stop Alarm fits at the bottom of your door and stops the door from being opened. If someone does try to force it open, this stopper will wedge even deeper under the door preventing it from moving at all.

Prevents the Door from Opening

It will also start screaming out a very loud alarm sound that will immediately let you know someone is trying to gain entry where you don't want them to.

Of course, the person on the other side of the door will hear this too and they will know they have been found out. Hopefully, this will be enough to scare them off and abandon their idea of unlawfully entering.

Travel Security

This is great security device for when you're traveling or on vacation. Ever been awoken by someone trying to get into your room? The front desk makes a mistake and assigns your room to someone else also? It happens and you'd be freaked out because you don't know if there's a mistake or if someone is breaking into your room.

When you turn in for the night at your motel, put this in place at the door and you can sleep peacefully knowing that no one can get in. Not even the hotel staff. The door stopper keeps you safe by not allowing any entry unless you remove the wedge alarm.

The alarm stops only when the pressure is released from door stop metal plate. Closing the door removes the pressure and turns off the alarm.

There is also a movement sensor with adjustable sensitivity that will activate the alarm if it’s tampered with.

On/off switch is on the back of the alarm and includes a low battery indicator light. Uses one 9-volt battery (not included). 


  • Prevents a door from opening and immediately activates an alarm.
  • Wedge shaped design prevents an intruder from entering your home or hotel room.
  • The 120db alarm will scare away an intruder, alert those inside, and summon help.
  • Portable door security for your peace of mind while traveling.
  • No installation required.

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