Pepper Spray Holster

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Leatherette holster for the 2oz pepper sprays.

Fast Access to Defense with Pepper Spray Holsters

Pepper spray is a highly effective tool for thwarting attacks. If you jog at night or you need to walk from your office back to your car in the dark, you may already own pepper spray. No matter what you do that makes you own this important safety device, you need to be able to access it and deploy it quickly.

It is not practical to carry it in a backpack if you are jogging or coming back from work to your car. It also is not practical to have your spray stashed in the bottom of a purse. You will not have time to spare to find this if you are about to be attacked. You need a pepper spray holster instead.

These holsters allow you the fastest access to your spray. Here are some hints for using the spray when you first get it.

Learn how to grab your can and put your finger on the trigger within seconds. In the event of an attack, you will be ready to use it correctly.

Always aim it away from yourself, although this may be obvious. You need to practice using it because if you are ever in a personal emergency, you do not want to become so overcome with fear that you do unintentionally spray it towards yourself.

Aim for the eyes because the capsaicin in the spray will burn the attacker’s eyes, temporarily blind them and cause excruciating pain. Once you've sprayed, run for help.

The type of holster you buy will let you get at it fast. Small pouches made of leather let you hold the canister close to you by clipping it to your belt.

Hip holsters are great but you can opt for using the key-ring holder if you like. If you walk to your car with your keys in hand, they can be highly effective. If you jog, you probably may or may not be holding your keys or your spray. You may want to wear a holster instead.

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