Wildfire Pepper Spray

The secret to the effectiveness of pepper spray is the strength and heat of the pepper itself. At 1.4% MC (Major Capsaicinoids), Wildfire offers one of the highest strength products on the market. Each burst of this powerful spray delivers pain-inducing, eye-swelling heat. It is enough heat to incapacitate an aggressor for up to 45 minutes. 

This is one of the hottest pepper sprays we have ever tested. At 10% derivative of 2,000,000 Oleoresin Capsicum pepper by volume, you cannot do better than Wildfire. It is one of the hottest and fastest acting formulas available to civilians.

The effects of this spray can last up to 45 minutes giving you ample time to get away and get help. Our Wildfire line is displayed below. Click the picture or the name of the product.

The Benefits Of Using Wildfire Pepper Spray For Defense

As unfortunate as it may be crime happens every day. It’s seen and heard on the news daily and although many of us may feel safe in our own neighborhood, the truth is crime can – and does – happen anywhere. We can all agree that we should be prepared to defend ourselves (even if we never have to). The question is, if one is uncomfortable with a deadly weapon such as a gun, what should one be looking for? There are many options for defending against being attacked. Pepper spray has been around for many years and can be considered one of the most popular choices for self protection.

So, what are the benefits of Wildfire spray? Probably the most beneficial is the immediate effect it has on a person. Due to the active ingredient oleoresin capsicum, which is naturally found in peppers, when sprayed directly in the face of an attacker it literally immobilizes him. Once in direct contact with the mucous membranes which are in the lungs, eyes, nose and throat, he will have wished he never approached you. His eyes will immediately force shut, burning of the skin and throat will occur, and he will experience extreme difficulty with breathing. These effects will last up to 30 minutes, giving a you more than enough time to escape from your assailant. In addition, he can be identified easily by the police as these sprays also contain UV dye.

Wildfire Pepper Spray is a very inexpensive defensive option

You can find a canister the size of a tube of lipstick for less than 20 dollars. It is also easy to buy because it is widely available online, at gun shows, and even many gas stations now carry it. Be mindful when purchasing this product due to local laws. Although it is legal in most states, there may be restrictions on size and/or concealment. Most merchants know the laws and will have information on what is allowed.

Defensive sprays are very easy, convenient and discreet to carry. Many models fit right in the pocket of a pair of pants or attached to a set of keys. The container can even come in clever disguises such as an ink pen that will keep the defensive item hidden in plain sight until it is needed. For fashion minded consumers, there are holsters glittered with rhinestones or decked out with leopard print to carry your protection around! For those wanting to stock up, many brands come in sizes as large as 16 ounces.

Pepper spray is simple to use without much training. Most will deploy simply by pressing a button, but also protects against accidental misfiring. Because most sprays have a decent coverage distance, you don't have to wait until an attacker is right in your face to use it. Smaller spray devices can get a range of 6-8 feet, while larger models can get up to 25 feet of distance from a potential attacker.

Wildifire is a great defense option that is affordable, light weight, easy and convenient to carry, and most importantly extremely effective. Many would agree that it is one of the best options on the market.