Telescopic Steel Baton

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These solid steel batons expand to either 16, 21, or 26 inches with just a flick of the wrist.

The telescopic steel baton comes with a padded handle for easy gripping and a heavy-duty nylon holster with belt loop for easy carrying. 

Closed Length of Telescopic Steel Baton:
16 inch - 7 inches closed
21 inch - 8 1/2 inches closed
26 inch - 10 inches closed 


Also Available: Glass Breaker End Cap

Expandable Batons Make a Great Self Defense Item

If you are looking for an effective self defense product, then the telescopic steel baton could be what you are looking for.

It is a portable self defense item that is mostly used by the police, but civilians can carry them to defend themselves whenever they are at risk or put into extreme danger. With the rising number of crimes in this nation, it is important to have a reliable tool that you can use to protect yourself from further harm.

These expandable batons are made especially for people who want to have the perfect weapon that can be accessed instantly.

This simple device is highly effective in deterring an aggressor that is coming at you. All you have to do is to flick the baton, and it will instantly expand to give you immediate protection.

Attackers would be left in pain after they have been whipped with the powerful force coming from the steel extendable baton, and it can also save your life in extreme situations.

Diagram for Telescopic Baton

Police Batons - Extendable or Tonfa?

Police batons are commonly used by law enforcement and are made from either wood (also known as a tonfa and is not typically expandable) or steel. The material on a tonfa stick is coated for reinforcement and to deliver more injury when used.

The extendable steel devices appear very small in their collapsed position but are incredibly intimidating when at full length. When faced with an uncooperative assailant, the telescopic steel baton would give an officer an extensive reach if they encounter an attack, and it can be used for injuring the offender whether in an up-close struggle or in the midst of an arms-length confrontation.

It is a great advantage when needing to reach for an assailant and significantly wounding him with every whip and strike.

Collapsible Baton Has Advantages

Using a collapsible baton has many advantages. If you are caught in a situation where you have to use to the device, it is designed so you can access it quickly and without difficulty.

Using a baton against an aggressor could cause him or her to lose grip of the weapon they are holding, therefore hindering their ability to further harm you.

It is recommended to use the expandable baton for close combat attacks, but it also has an advantage when using for longer reaches. If you ever find yourself outnumbered in a riot, the steel baton can be used against multiple attackers.

You can control the situation by waving the device at them, causing alarm and to avoid letting them get close to you. When fully extended, it gives you a good span of distance away from the people who are trying to come after you.

The baton is beneficial for neutralizing violent or aggressive people without using your fists. Opening the weapon alone will intimidate any potential attacker.

Every flip you make will send a warning signal that you cannot be taken advantage of and to avoid you if they do not want to get hurt.

Because these extendable batons are very simple to use, you do not need special self-defense training nor do you need a martial arts background.

However, taking advantage of any courses offered to improve your skill in using this weapon will only give you more stopping power against an adversary.

Extendable Batons Come in Three Sizes

There are 16-inch, 21-inch and 26-inch lengths available allowing you to choose which size would be most comfortable for you to use and carry. They are reasonably priced with a range of $25.00-30.00.

Each of the extendable batons is equipped with a padded handle, which provides the user with a sturdy, non-slip grip.

A nylon holster with a belt loop is also included for easy carrying. All of these solid steel collapsible batons extend instantly with a flick of the wrist, making it effortless and easy to use – a priority when faced with a potential assault.


There are also accessories that can be purchased to maximize the use of a telescopic steel baton.

These add-ons are sold separately, but they can be a powerful combination once attached. The endcap of this self defense weapon is removable, and can easily be replaced with either an LED light or a glass breaker.

Collapsible Baton Light Accessory

With the LED light, not only is your baton a powerful weapon, but also a super bright flashlight effective for patrolling dark areas.

The glass breaker attachment acts as a safety device by helping to save trapped people in a vehicle or building they are locked in to, or an added source of protection if caught in a scuffle – one jab of the pointed end will deliver a nice deterrent against pursuing the confrontation.

Available When You Need It

Steel batons are easy to keep nearby no matter where you are because of their compact size when collapsed. For example, the 21-inch baton measures only 8.5 inches when closed.

Even holstered and in the closed position, it fits right into a vehicle's center console, glove box, and even in the front door side pockets. When holstered, it is easy to carry on your person and quick to grab with the hook and loop closure.

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