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Tactical Pen

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Have confidence in your safety no matter where you are with this self-defense pen. It isn't only a self-defense device though; it is also a fully functional pen.

This makes it the perfect device to carry with you everywhere you go. You can stay protected, and no one is the wiser to the pen's real purpose.

Tactical Self Defense Pen

Simply twist the end to open and close the retractable pen tip. When you run out, replace the ink cartridge with the replacement one that comes included.

The blacked-out finish on the pen gives it a tough and rugged look. It also gives the pen strength and durability.

It's made from a finished textured aluminum. The texture makes it easy to grip. The more secure your grip, the better you can defend yourself when the moment comes.

At the back end of the pen is a sharp pointed tip. You can use this point to protect yourself.

If you ever get caught in your car, you can use the tip to break your car window or any other glass. Firmly grip the pen with the point towards the outside of your palm.

Then break the glass with a firm and forceful motion.

If an attacker approaches, you can use the same tip to protect yourself. Hold the pen in your hand and use a jabbing or stabbing motion to protect yourself.

This will cause your attacker to back off enough to allow you to escape to safety.

The key to both of these safety situations is to keep the self defense pen easily within reach. Use the pocket clip to ensure your pen is always handy.

It has a retractable pen tip, twists to open and close. Writes very well and comes with a replacement pen ink cartridge.

It can be used in a self-defense situation to jab or stab.

  • 6 1/4 x 1/2 inches
  • Includes replacement ink cartridge
  • Retractable pen tip

Buy this pen and use the pocket clip to attach it to your pocket. Then it will be within arm's reach when you need it most.

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