Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun

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Primarily a high-powered pain inflicter, this baby does even more! Light up your way, take away someone ability to see for a bit, use as a kubotan, and now this...charge up your other electronic devices.

When you're not using this as a self defense weapon, you can still get some use by re-energizing your smart phone. Think of it as an extra battery charger but with a special kick - it will also protect you.

Mobile Charger Stun Gun

The Stun Master mobile charger flashlight stun gun is made of high quality aircraft aluminum and delivers a shocking blow when used as a stun gun, flashlight, or baton.

You can carry 18,000,000 volts of stopping power almost anywhere with no one even knowing because the stun gun is concealed in the flashlight.

It also has a built in USB charger to charge iPods, iPad, iPhone, iPhone 5, and a mini USB to charge most other smart phones.  

Light up any attacker and leave them wishing they had never approached you.  

It measures 9 ¼”  x 1 ½” and has a lifetime warranty.

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