Bashlite Stun Gun

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It looks like a futuristic device from an old science fiction show. In reality, this monster of a self defense weapon tranforms you into a confident and capable protector.

Enhanced circuitry on the insides increases the output so you have a very powerful handheld device that can inflict serious pain and suffering on anyone who tries to mess with you. You won't want to be anywhere without this once you try it out for the first time.

The BashLite 15,000,000 volt Stun Gun Flashlight has a sleek durable design. It is made from high quality aircraft grade aluminum. The BashLite will strike with 4.7 milliamps of stun power. The knockout punch of the stun gun will take an attacker down very quickly leaving them in pain and on the ground.

The Bashlite Stun Gun Flashlight

The super bright 120 lumen light can be used tactically and shined in the eyes of an attacker to temporarily blind them. Don't dismiss this effective technique. Have you ever been outside at night and had a light shined in your eyes? It takes forever to be able to see normally again, doesn't it? Same concept here. By shining this super bright light in their eyes, your assailant will become temporarily blinded and won't be able to see.

That's your opportunity to either get away immediately or to move in and let them have it with the debilitating electrical charge. Hold on them for as long as possible to inflict the maximum pain. While they are trying to recover from the shock, you can run away and seek help.

It comes with a wrist strap lanyard and has an on/off safety switch. The sleek design is perfect so it can fit easily in a pocket, side door of a car, or in your hand ready to strike.

It measures 5 13/16" x 1", comes with a wall charging cord and nylon holster. Order yours now!

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