Stun Guns

Are you concerned about your safety? Are you looking for a non-lethal self-defense option? Stun guns are a great way to defend yourself. They provide a non-lethal electric shock to temporarily disable a would-be attacker. As the electrical current pulsates between the stun gun's prongs, it can be intimidating and cause the assailant to run. Stun guns are lightweight, easy to use and easy to carry.

Stun guns work by delivering a high voltage of electricity, which overwhelms the muscles. For best results aim for an area of the body that has a large muscle mass such as the neck, the sides of the torso, or the groin area. Within three to five seconds, the electrical shock will affect the attacker's ability to move his/her muscles. So you can get away and contact the police.

We offer more than a dozen stun guns to choose from, including:

  • Flashlight Stun Guns: These stun guns act as a flashlight, a striking Kubotan and a stun gun all in one.
  • Smartphone Stun Guns: These stun guns look like one of the top-selling smartphones yet will deliver a powerful shock. The smartphone stun gun features a flashlight and comes with a leatherette case, making it easy to carry in your purse or pocket.
  • Stun Gun Canes: Our cane and staff stun guns will help you defend against human and animal assailants. Additionally, these stun guns will help with walking or hiking while providing non-lethal personal protection.
  • Handheld Stun Guns: Our rechargeable stun guns deliver an electrical charge so powerful that it will stop your assailants in their tracks. They come in a variety of colors, have a super bright flashlight and a nylon holster.

Self-defense should be on everyone's mind. When you are out, a human assailant, a vicious dog, or a wild animal could approach you. A stun gun will help keep you safe. Our stun guns offer discreet, yet powerful protection. Order one of our stun guns to protect yourself today.