Spy & Surveillance

Channel your inner spy with the latest in surveillance equipment. If security is a concern, you need a plan that provides a multi-prong approach.

Start with your traditional security methods of security cameras. You could opt for ones that use Wi-Fi or have built-in DVR and LCD screens.

You could also install more discreet security cameras that hide in other common objects. How about a wall hook or an ordinary house phone that has a built-in motion sensor?

Next, supplement your security plan with hidden recorders and cameras. Try out a pen with a hidden camera. Or a mini spy cam that fits into the palm of your hand. Or how about a digital phone recorder to capture any phone conversations you have?

For the coolest in spy gear be sure to check out the sunglasses with a hidden DVR camera. Now you can record anything suspicious no matter where you are.

Order now to create your spy security surveillance system.