"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

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Spy & Surveillance

Channel your inner spy with the latest in surveillance equipment. If security is a concern, you need a plan that provides a multi-prong approach.

Start with your traditional security methods of security cameras. You could opt for ones that use Wi-Fi or have built-in DVR and LCD screens.

You could also install more discreet security cameras that hide in other common objects.

Next, supplement your security plan with hidden recorders and cameras. Or a mini spy cam that fits into the palm of your hand. Or how about a digital phone recorder to capture any phone conversations you have?

Now you can record anything suspicious no matter where you are.

Order now to create your spy security surveillance system.

Keeping an eye on how your children are taken care of is made easier with one of these nanny cams. Easy to set up and operate, you'll have peace of mind or evidence either way.

You don't trust your children's care to anyone. With all of the horrible stories in the news about daycare abuse and child injuries, the thought of leaving your little ones with a babysitter makes you anxious.

We understand your hesitation and that is why we are pleased to offer you the ability to keep track of what is happening at home when you aren't there. Our wireless nanny cams make keeping an eye on your children easier than you thought possible.

In fact, our hidden cameras are so well hidden that no one will know they are in the room unless you tell them.

You'll find nanny cams that look like an air freshener, a DVR, an outlet, a WiFi adaptor, a clock, and even a mirror. We also offer 16GB and 32GB SD cards so you don't run out of recording space.

You have peace of mind no matter which of these nanny cams you choose!

While we certainly recommend our nanny cams to parents of infants, we believe they can benefit almost anyone. If you have caregivers coming in to assist an elderly loved one, if you feel as though someone may be stealing from or behaving inappropriately in the office, or even if you want to keep an eye on the petsitter, our wireless nanny cams allow you to record what is happening

The WiFi models let you watch from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

We take safety and security very seriously at Scotsman Shield. We also have your satisfaction in mind. Place your order for any one of our nanny cams today. Whether you want to keep an eye on children, seniors, pets or your property, you will find your camera to be an invaluable addition to your home or office.

Purchase a nanny cam for yourself or for a loved one. Every order placed ships for free!

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