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Our blowgun paintball ammo is exactly what you need if you want to amp up your blowgun game. These miniature paintballs are perfect for your very own paintball war. Whether you are up for a little bit of family fun or are hosting a kids' party, you are going to have the time of your life.

Our blowgun paintballs are:

  • Brightly colored
  • Non-toxic
  • Water-soluble
  • Available in a variety of counts
  • A perfect fit for your blowgun

Our paintballs wash out of clothes with ease, there's little to no mess after rounds of thrilling fun. There are many paintball war formats you can explore with friends and family. Or, make up your own game rules and have an amazing time!

You don't need an expensive paintball gun or tons of gear to have a fun afternoon. A blowgun and our ammo provide an exceptional afternoon of laughs and excitement.

Worried about safety? Our blowgun paintballs are soft and splat on contact. This means children won’t get hurt and participants will know, right away, who’s hit. Keep your opponents running to the hills as you bombard them with the vivid colors of paint.

We do recommend anyone participating in the game to wear protective eye gear. Other things worth considering are long sleeves, long pants, and sturdy shoes. Your clothing will absorb the hit as well as the paint. Don't worry if you get it on your skin as the paints easily wash off with soap and water.

Our paintballs wash out of clothes quickly and easily meaning little to no mess after a couple of rounds of thrilling fun. That said, you will certainly know that you've been hit but the sting isn't so bad that you can't take it. Think of the slight sting as a motivator for not getting hit during play!

Did you know? Playing a game with blowguns and paintball ammo is a great way to relieve stress. Not only do you get a great workout, but you feel relieved thanks to fresh air and competition. The fun activity, along with the company of your friends and family, does wonders in bringing up your mood.

No form of exercise is as fun as a good paintball war, either. You can make the game as elaborate or as simple as you like, putting your skills and body to the test. It’s not unusual for participants to set up extreme fields of play. We know the more you play, the more intense your games become.

Order your blowgun paintball ammo from, today. Whether it’s a 100-pack for quick games, 250-pack for a fun afternoon, or 1,000-pack for an all-out paintball war, we know you’ll have a blast! Our fair priced blowgun paintball ammo is an affordable way to have fun all day.

Place your order now! We’re quick to ship your order so it arrives in time. No doubt, you and everyone else will have an amazing time at your next party or event.

Paintballs for blow gun or slingshot. Non-toxic, water soluble .40 cal paintballs. Comes in 100, 250, or 1000 count.

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