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Do you enjoy using a blowgun? The primitive practice has a history that many people find interesting. You take part in an activity invented centuries ago. Today, people shoot blowguns at targets and not at enemies, but it remains an exciting activity.

Target Darts for your Blow Gun

Do you want to buy darts for target practice? Our blowgun target darts are exactly what you need. Our darts:

  • Come in packs of 100 or 250
  • Have .40 cal endcaps
  • Shoot straight
  • Fit in your blowgun tube

What can you do with your blowgun darts? We have a variety of ideas. You shoot cans, bottles, and even leaves. You can also shoot at homemade targets. Practicing with your blowgun is easy and convenient because you have multiple darts to use.

As with any weapon that shoots projectiles, you have to practice safety when using these target darts. Always keep your blowgun pointed in a safe direction, know where your target is, and keep your mouth off your gun until you are ready to blow air into the tube.

If this is your first foray into blowguns, we are certain you are going to enjoy the activity. It's simple but fun. You can blow a dart at a target the very first time you try. People of all ages can use blowguns, but it's best to keep them out of the hands of small children.

Have you been blowing darts at targets for years and still enjoy the activity? You will find our target darts to be of exceptional quality. You'll come back to buy more so you always have the darts on hand.

Become a pro with your blowgun through practice.

Shoot at more challenging targets as you learn to control your breath and your gun. The sport won't get old because you'll consistently challenge yourself to hit varied targets.

There are many blowgun clubs and tournaments in the United States. Find one near you and begin honing your skills. Compete against others with the same excitement for the sport. Practicing with our blowgun target darts will prepare you for any competition you choose to enter.

Make your homemade target out of wood for ultimate safety. Plywood or an old tree stump make perfect targets for your blowgun darts. Paper targets and those made of hay are risky because they do not stop the dart quickly.

When you order from, you get a professional product at a great price. We have blowgun target darts in stock and ready to ship to your door. Your darts arrive fast, securely packaged, and in perfect condition.

Place your order for target darts from Scotsman Shield today. We are sure you are going to love the service and products you receive. Reach out to our team with your questions. We are happy to provide you with information.

Shipping is always free and customer satisfaction is our top priority. You have 30 days to return your item if you are not happy. Our team can help you with your return, but we don't think they will need to. We know you are going to find your darts to exceed your expectations.

Sharpened wire darts with .40 cal endcaps. These fit right in your blow dart gun tube and you blow them out with your breath. These target darts shoot straight and will stick into pretty much anything.

100 or 250 count. You choose how many you'd like. You get a much better deal by ordering the larger pack. Order yours now.

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