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Each blowgun comes with 8 target darts, mouthpiece, muzzleguard, foam grip and a dart quiver. Shoots target darts and paintballs.

Available in 18", 24", 36", 48", 60" and 72" lengths.

Blowgun: A Simple Ranged Weapon

Blowguns are known all throughout the ancient world as an effective ranged weapon. The ancient civilizations are known for their superb skills in using the ranged weapon, and the practice has been passed on to the next generations.

The blow gun has also gone under several developments through the years, and it is now considered as a convenient weapon that can be brought anywhere and it can be used in times of emergencies.

The mechanism behind the ranged weapon is simple – a dart will be placed inside the tube and depending on the power of the lungs, the air exhaled would push the dart out creating a projectile towards the target.

Other Uses of a Blowgun

Today, they are used for as a means to release a tranquilizer for animals that are a target for capture. The sedating agent will be placed inside the tube and release it using the force of exhalation.

These ranged weapons are also used for recreational activities, and the darts are often replaced with paintballs. There are also competitions that promote the use of blowguns, and several groups are lobbying for the inclusion of these in the future global sporting events, like the Olympics.

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Sizes and Cost

Blowguns that are made from aircraft aluminum and it is easy to use. There is also a variant known as the blow dart gun, wherein darts are exclusively used as the weapon’s bullet. The blow dart gun can also be used recreationally, but users should be cautious to avoid any injuries.

If you wanted to buy your blow gun, they are available as 18" in length, 24” in length, 36” in length, 48” in length, 60” in length, and the longest ones available commercially are 72” in length. The price also depends on the length, with the shortest ones priced at $15 and the longest ones priced at $29.

Blow Dart Gun Accessories

These ranged weapons also come with several accessories, like the mouthpiece, the muzzle guard, the foam grip, and one dart quiver. Eight target darts are also provided when buying the blowgun. Customers who have purchased the ranged weapon in the past are saying that they have been enjoying its recreational use, and it is far safer than using guns.

There is also an increasing demand because people are using it as a weapon for self-defense. Blowguns will continue to be developed, and the people around the world will still use it. A weapon that has a simple design and a mechanism would be able to transform to fit the current generation.

These blow dart guns have survived thousands of years of development, and they are still around changing their appearance, but the mechanism and its uses remain the same.

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