Trucker Self Defense Kit

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Self Defense Kit for Truckers

It's not always feasible carrying a firearm since truckers cross so many jurisdictions and laws are not the same in every state. But you still need things to defend yourself with. The products in this kit give you a range of options you'll have available to you.

Striking Weapon

The 21-inch telescopic steel baton is your thumper. This striking weapon starts out small when it is collapsed but extends out with a flick of the wrist. This can be retracted and placed within easy reach inside your truck (door pocket). It includes a holster for carrying on your belt if you want protection while outside your cab also. Just grab it from its spot and place it in your belt holster.

Trucker Expandable Baton

The glass breaker end cap replaces the standard end cap on the extendable baton. It has a point on it that can be used for breaking windows as well as inflicting pain in a self defense situation.


Trucker's Pepper Gel

Everyone knows pepper spray is effective. Even the police carry this as part of their standard belt equipment. Normal self defense sprays come out as a liquid. But if you had to spray it inside your truck's cab, that wouldn't be such a great idea. If you have to, you have to...but. In this trucker package, we include a 2 ounce Pepper Gel that comes out thick and sticks to the face of an attacker. If you need to use this inside, there would be much less of a mess to clean up.

Ready Knife

Trucker Ready Knife

This dog head shaped plastic knife is a nice backup. Keep near you while sleeping so it's right there is you need to defend yourself immediately. Or keep it on your keychain so it's always with you. It's made of tough, durable plastic. Similar to holding keys in your fist while punching, this trucker knife is pre-designed to inflict quick damage to end the conflict quickly.

A Self Defense Kit for a Trucker

You can strategically place these items in places you have quick access to.

  • In your sleeping area
  • Near the driver's seat
  • On your person

These items were specially selected for a trucker's self defense. The baton gives you the reach you need to maintain distance and still have a defensive and offensive capability. The pepper gel can be used before it even gets that far. You have enough for multiple assailants. The ready knife to keep on your keychain or in a spot you can quickly reach for immediate protection.

Safety is a personal responsibility and you want to make sure you have the tools you need to protect yourself effectively. Purchase one of these kits for yourself or as a gift for someone you know.

Add the 3 in 1 Stun Baton for even more protection!

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