Blocklight 9v Battery Flashlight

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The Blocklite is an ultra-bright LED flashlight that simply attaches to a 9-volt battery for power.  With a touch of the button, this handy device becomes a super bright 6 LED flashlight and with a second touch it turns into a flashing SOS light for emergency situations. 

This gadget includes a heavy duty 9-volt battery, so it’s ready to use right out of the package. It’s compact size at 2.75” tall with the battery attached allows you to carry it right in your pocket or purse.  PLUS you can attach it to any metal surface, like your fridge, because it designed with a magnetic body.

Last, but not least, the new Blocklite will provide up to 30 hours of continuous light on one 9-volt battery! That alone makes it a great tool to keep with you during virtually any activity such as hiking, camping, boating, even trick-or-treating!

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