Safety Lights

It's late and your fur baby needs to go out. Keep them and yourself safe with a high lumen flashlight. Whether it's a collar light for them or a handheld light for you, others will be able to see you two.

Walking the pup isn't the only time lights can keep you safe. If you jog, run, or even bicycle, you should wear an armband safetylight. The bright shining light will make you visible all the time. This is safer than only wearing reflective material.

Throw a flashlight in the glovebox of your car. You'll be happy to have it handy during a breakdown or when you're trying to load your trunk in the dark.

Don't forget the batteries to keep your safety lights shining brightly. You could even check out the 9V light that is so small it clips onto the battery.

Get your safety lights today and feel safe when you go out at night.