Steel Filled SAP Gloves

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Greatly improve your punching power while protecting your wrist and forearm! The safe & discreet alternative to brass knuckles!

SAP Gloves

Protect your fists while increasing your advantage in a fight. The steel shot embedded in the gloves gives you extra impact. You'll be able to be more effective when punching.

Our Tactical self-defense gloves reinforce your fists with steel shot in and around the knuckle area.

Subtle & convenient, these ordinary looking gloves garner zero suspicion. Confidently wear your self-protection in plain sight! The goatskin leather makes these gloves smooth inside and very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

These protective items are also GREAT for motorcyclists to protect from road rash, in case of an accident!


  • 8 oz of steel shot strategically sewn into the knuckles to increase punching power and shield your knuckles from impact
  • Double-Layered Genuine Goatskin Leather palms for maximum durability & comfort
  • Spandex provides breathability & freedom of movement
  • Additional padding to protect your fingers
  • Loop Wrist closure with Velcro for taut & secure fit
  • The look and feel of casual gloves
  • Large: 9 1/2"-10" XLarge: 10 1/2"-11"
  • Lifetime Warranty: The Tactical Gloves are made of the highest quality components and come with a lifetime warranty. See the enclosed instructions for complete details.

Please note: this item CAN NOT be shipped to Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey.

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