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Do you travel a lot? Are you a college student or a parent of a college student? Are you looking for a travel security device that emits a 100dB sound for 15 seconds? Our travel alarm is a travel security device and a personal alarm that will stop any would-be assailant in his or her tracks.

Mini Travel Personal Alarm

The alarm is small enough to carry with you wherever you go. Pull the alarm cord at the top to activate the alarm. The alarm will continue to sound until you press the top back down. This ear-piercing personal alarm will deter any assailant and bring attention to your situation.

The alarm also works as a mini travel alarm. This travel alarm has a built-in passive infrared motion sensor. Set this facing your door or beside your bed. The motion sensor will alert you if your door opens or someone moves in your room.

The travel alarm has a 30-degree horizontal detection area and can sense movement up to 10 feet away. This travel alarm will emit a 100dB alarm to wake you up and scare off any assailant that has entered your room. This is proximity alarm is perfect for college students, travelers and anyone who wants to remain safe while they are sleeping.

This small alarm is simple to use. Slide the cover down on the travel alarm to expose the infrared sensor. Then turn the switch to auto. After one minute, the sensor will begin detecting any motion. If it detects any motion, it will activate and blast a 100dB alarm for fifteen seconds. After this, it will rearm itself once again.

The travel alarm also has a built-in LED flashlight. This flashlight is perfect for illuminating a doorknob so you can unlock your door. Because of its small size, you can always carry it with you.

The Mini Travel Alarm's features include:

  • Low cost motion alarm to keep you safe and secure
  • Passive Infrared motion sensor (PIR)
  • LED flashlight
  • Ear piercing 100dB alarm
  • Convenient travel size
  • Three AG13 batteries included

Traveling is very rewarding and exciting; however, you should always keep your personal safety at the forefront of your mind. Our travel alarm will help keep you safe in your hotel room thanks to its automated motion sensor. Set it beside your bed facing the doorway. If any movement is sensed, the loud alarm will sound.

If you are out alone, this alarm can help keep you safe. If you find yourself in an unsafe situation, all you need to do is pull the cord on the alarm. When you pull the cord, the alarm will sound. This will stop any potential assailant in his or her tracks. It will also alert others in the area so they can come to assist you.

If you are looking for a personal safety device that is effective and will keep you safe when you are sleeping in a hotel or dorm room, this infrared motion sensing personal alarm is the best choice for you. The alarm can spot movement from up to 10 feet away and will set off a 100 dB alarm which will wake you up and scare the would-be attacker away.

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