Inert Pepper Spray

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These practice models do not have the OC (oleoresin capsicum) in them. That's the ingredient that causes the profuse tearing and inflammation.

Since they are inactive (or inert), that means you can use one to get familiar with how the stream or fogger comes out of the canister. You can learn how not to spray into the wind without you getting a blast of the hot stuff on yourself.

You can become much more efficent at employing a real model by using one of these inert ones instead. Aim at a target to see where it lands and learn to adjust your aim to hit where you want it to.

Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Sprays

These sprays use water instead of pepper spray. They are pressurized with nitrogen. Their purpose is to be used as a practice spray instead of wasting a real pepper spray.

They will enable the user to get proficient at using a defense spray.

WARNING: Do not spray on anyone or yourself. Even though there is nothing in the sprays to do any permanent harm to anyone, the nitrogen can cause some skin irritation or burning if sprayed in the eyes.

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