1/2oz Hard Case Pepper Spray


Pepper Shot Pepper Spray contains a formula of 10% Oleoresin Capsicum with 2 million Scoville Heat Units (SHUs) that will immediately stop an attacker in his tracks. Additionally, the police will have no problem identifying the assailant that was sprayed because there is a vegetable dye contained in the pepper spray which easily identifies the attacker.


  • 1/2 ounce injection molded holster 
  • Locking actuator
  • Quick Key release keychain
  • Effective up to 8 feet
  • Contains 5 one second bursts
  • Available in Black, Blue, Pink, and Red

Pepper Shot Pepper Sprays can not be shipped to New York, Massachusetts, or Wisconsin.

3 Reasons to Carry Pepper Spray

If you’ve ever walked alone at night through a rough part of town, or gotten lost in the woods after a car breakdown, you know how terrifying it can be. There could be any number of unknown dangers lurking in the shadows, from wild animals to human assailants. Whether you’re in precarious situations often or just once in a blue moon, it’s always a good idea to know how to defend yourself in case of an emergency. Pepper spray is one of the easiest, best ways to do so. This non-lethal self-defense mechanism inflames the mucous membranes of the attacker’s eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, causing them to temporarily lose sight and have difficulty breathing. It stops them in their tracks, allowing you valuable time to get away. Here are three more reasons you should consider having a can on hand.

It’s Legal to Carry in Most States

Many states don’t allow concealed weapons, even those intended for self-defense. Pepper spray is one of the few self-defense tools legal in all 50 states.There are some restrictions in certain states and counties, so check with local law enforcement before carrying it.

It’s Easy to Carry

Pepper spray cans are typically quite small, easy to stow in a backpack, purse, glovebox, or jacket pocket. Some can even be fitted with a belt clip or holster or on a key ring. Because it’s so inconspicuous, you can take it anywhere from the office to the bar without issue.

There’s No Permanent Damage

Even when an animal or human is threatening you, you may not want to hurt them, at least not permanently. Fortunately, pepper spray only temporarily disables the assailant. The effects last about an hour and start to dissipate after about 30 minutes.

There’s nothing more important than your safety. Get your can of Pepper Shot Pepper Spray today. Effective up to eight feet, this hard-case canister contains five one-second bursts, a locking actuator, and quick-release keychain so you can act fast.

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