Jogger Pepper Spray

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The Pepper Spray Jogger model is ideal for sports and outdoor activities such as running or hiking. You can carry it on your key-chain or fasten it in the hand with the Velcro-like strap.

Mace Jogger Pepper Spray

Too often we hear about the park attack or abduction of someone while out exercising. When you're out jogging, you aren't too focused on if a bad guy is out to get you.

But that's ok when you have this jogger model with you. You're already carrying it in your hand so it's immediately ready if you do have a confrontation.

It's still very important to maintain your awareness even when doing something that naturally allows you to clear your mind. Bad guys know you're probably thinking about your everyday issues - not being very vigilant. It's natural to let your mind go when your heart is pumping and you're improving your cardio.

Pepper Spray for Runners

What's not ok is leaving yourself vulnerable during your self-improvement sessions. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to your gut feelings. Your intuition or instincts do a pretty good job of keeping you safe - or at least giving you a heads up warning when something bad is about to happen.

When that feeling comes over you, take precautionary steps to protect yourself. Make sure your pepper spray is in your hand, slip your thumb under the protective cap and get ready to press down on the actuator. Stay calm and aim directly in the face of your assailant.

There will be an instantaneous effect once the liquid touches them. Once in their eyes, they have no choice but to close them. They will also feel an intense burning sensation that will change their priorities for the day.

Get away as soon as possible and get help from the police or anyone else in the area. The more people around, the less likely a criminal is going to pursue.

Use this jogger pepper spray with confidence and always carry it with you.  Order now.

Specs: 18-gram unit. Contains 10-20 short bursts, with an effective range of 8-12 feet.

Comes equipped with a belt clip and a Velcro-like strap.

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