Mace Pepper Gel - Large

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Mace Pepper Gel - Large is a formulation of OC pepper which is suspended in Gel instead of a liquid stream.

Keep you and your loved ones safe with this powerful Mace Pepper Gel. Unlike other pepper sprays, this mace uses gel stream technology. This gives you accuracy and distance with your stopping power. You can effectively use this spray in a range of up to 18 feet.

There is a total of 45 grams of pepper gel in each can, giving you a firing rate of seven, one-second bursts. This patent-pending formula suspends the OC pepper in a gel whereas traditional mace sprays use a liquid stream. The result? The gel gives you better accuracy.

The better your accuracy and concentration of spray means you have improved stopping power. Not only will you gain accuracy with the mace pepper gel, but its stickiness will adhere to the attacker’s face providing an effective blinding effect.

This mace has extreme stopping power with an OC pepper concentration of 10%.

Carry this mace in your purse or on your belt. It has a safety flip top and belt clip. The flip top is a safety measure, great for protecting you from accidentally firing the pepper spray.

How to use your spray: remove it from your belt or bag. Release the flip top safety cap. Then, aim at your attacker and push the trigger to start the flow of mace. Aim for your attacker's face as this will get the pepper into your attacker's eyes, nose, and mouth the quickest. Your attacker will stop in their tracks as the pepper irritates their sensitive tissue.

The gel also contains an invisible UV dye. The dye makes it easy to identify your attacker even after they wash the gel off. Not only will you blind the attacker as they flee but authorities should have no troubles tracking down the perp because of this UV dye! Unfortunately, the mace gel cannot be shipped to Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, or Wisconsin. For all other locations? Buy a can of mace today!

Feel safe at all times knowing you can protect yourself with a can of mace pepper gel.  

Features: Flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental spraying.

Unit Size: 45 Gram
Fire-Rate: 7, one-second bursts
Effective Range: 18 feet

Mace Pepper Gel cannot be shipped to New York, Massachusetts, Michigan or Wisconsin.

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