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The latest in pepper spray technology - Mace Pepper Gel is a patent pending formulation of maximum strength OC pepper (1.4% capsaicinoids.) The OC pepper is suspended in a sticky gel instead of a liquid. The gel formulation has several advantages: it sprays farther, is less contaminating to the surrounding area and the thick formulation sticks to an attacker’s face. Pepper Gel also contains an invisible UV Dye which marks an assailant and may aid in identification.

Boat Pepper Spray

The Mace Pepper Gel Maritime is an ideal personal defense product for personal defense on boats – whether on the water or docked at a marina – because the thick formula limits the chance of it blowing back, or away from the assailant in windy conditions. The Mace Pepper Gel Home defense contains 330 grams and empties in 6 seconds, with an effective range of up to 25 feet. This model features a pistol grip handle with a safety pin that prevents accidental discharge.

Mace pepper gel, the patent-pending formula contains 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration suspended in a sticky gel, rather than the liquid of our regular Mace pepper spray. When pepper gel is dispersed, it covers the attacker. Some of the benefits of using pepper gel over pepper spray are:

  • Conventional pepper sprays can normally reach up to approximately 15 feet, but Mace Pepper Gel sprays can reach a distance of up to 25 feet. The pepper gel has a stronger formula than a regular pepper spray.
  • The pepper gel contains 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration, which is hotter than most pepper sprays on the market.
  • The gel sticks to the assailant’s face, prolonging the effects of the OC pepper.
  • The gel is less contaminating. Streaming pepper sprays can contaminate the surrounding area when used indoors like a home, mall or hospital and will take a while to dissipate.
  • The thick gel formula holds the active ingredients, so it fully affects an attacker without contaminating the surrounding area.
  • The thick formulation reduces the chance of blowback if spraying outdoors in windy conditions.
  • Pepper Gel is non-flammable.

On a boat, you are probably isolated and "on your own." Bring along something you can use to protect yourself and fend off any would-be assailants.

Mace brand products are depended on in all areas of security. This painful formula will go exactly where you spray it and is not subject to wind shear due it's very thick gooeyness. 

This is also good because when the bad guy gets a load of this on his face and in his eyes, he will not be able to do much else except try to get it off. And it won't help to wipe it away since it'll just smear and stick even more!

Keep this practical self defense item on your vessel so you are always prepared! Buy yours now.

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