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Heart Attack - Remember how the self defense experts would tell you to place your keys between your fingers and punch? Now there is something much better and more effective. Carry the Heart Attack on your key chain and be ready to protect yourself anytime. The Heart Attack is small (3.5 inches long) and made of tough plastic. Hold it between your fingers and punch! Attackers beware!

3.5 inches long, made of tough plastic. Can attach to a keychain.

Product Description: Keychain Knife

The Heart Attack is the ultimate self-defense accessory, and it's made of plastic, which makes it ideal for scenarios where you might need to go through a metal detector too.

The plastic knife is just 3.5 inches long, and as the name suggests it fits on a keychain. It has a small grip that allows you to hold it tightly between your fingers so that you can make a fist and have the blade poking out.

A Keychain Weapon

You may remember the days when self-defense experts would tell you to use your keys as a form of knuckle-duster. That's exactly what this allows you to do, only better. Keys can slip and move around in your hand, potentially causing injury to yourself. This keychain knife allows you to make a fist to hold it securely, and then 'punch' to stab.

Defend Yourself Discretely

This small and lightweight knife can sit on your keychain, and you can keep your keys in your pocket at all times, making it a nice and handy concealed weapon. Should you encounter an attacker, all you need to do is grab your keys and you're good to go.

Using your keys as a weapon is a crude form of defense but it is one that many people have successfully employed. Keychain knives are more effective, because they're a bit like a push dagger. The handle gives support, and you can punch hard to produce more dangerous force.

The Heart Attack is designed to be easily concealed, but don't let the small size fool you. The blade is sharp and you'll be able to punch and penetrate deep enough with it to make each strike painful. The Heart Attack can be used by someone who is trained as a boxer or in other striking arts, and it can also be used by people with no or limited training.

If you can thrust at someone, then you can employ it, and it's discrete enough that you will be able to get some strikes in before its presence is noticed, as long as you strike with conviction. The risk of being disarmed is lower because of the way that the weapon is held. The risk is still present, however, so we would not recommend that anyone bring out such a knife unless you are willing to use it.

Peace of Mind Matters

The main reason to carry this knife is for peace of mind. If you tend to leave work late at night alone, have to walk through areas where you feel nervous, or have to visit customers and worry that one may cause problems for you, then you could benefit from carrying this, in addition to taking other precautions to protect your safety. Personal protection and safety is something that requires a multi-pronged approach. Don't assume that any one measure will be enough to keep you safe. Learn awareness, avoidance and de-escalation, but have the Heart Attack Keychain Knife on hand as a measure for when other measures fail.

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