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Wall Socket Hidden Safe

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Blending in perfectly with all the other wall sockets in your home, this hidden safe wall socket is an excellent solution to your home safety requirements. Like all diversion safes, this item looks exactly like the wall sockets it imitates, but can be opened out to reveal a safe storage space for cash and other small valuables. You might even find yourself accidentally tying to charge your phone using this socket!

The front of this home safe box pulls out towards the user, and valuable items can be slipped inside the recess at the top. The opening is large enough to hold cash, jewellery, USB drives, and much more. Should a burglar enter your home they will not think to look twice at this security safe.

User report: Home safety is a big deal for Andy. His job takes him all over the globe, and he’s often away from home for long periods. He worries that something might happen to the antique watch his dad gave him on his 21st birthday while he’s gone. He’s found the perfect solution in this hidden wall socket safe. Whenever he gets called away for work he simply stashes his watch in this small and discrete safe, and his mind is at rest. The only problem is the socket is so realistic he often forgets it's a home safe and tries to charge his phone in it! 

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