Stone Safe

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This stone safe is perfect for keeping spare keys hidden and ready in case of emergency. Made from extremely realistic looking materials, this safe can be placed in the garden, or near to the door without risk of it being discovered. This is particularly useful if you have family members who are constantly losing or forgetting keys – just let them know where this at-home safe is, and they will be able to access the house with no further problems.

The key compartment is in the bottom of this small safe, just turn it over and pull out the easy to remove seal. The recess is large enough to store keys or any other small object. Instead of a key you could put a small amount of cash in here for absolute emergencies. If you’re looking for safety equipment and home safes that blend in completely with their surroundings, this is the perfect product for you.

User report: Sharon is a single mom with teenage kids. She loves her job as a business analyst, but it often keeps her at the office late. No matter how many times she reminds the kids to take their keys with them, they forget at least once a week. Rather than leave work to drive all the way home and let them in, she’s bought a hidden stone safe. She got a spare key cut and stores it safely in the stone key safe near the back door. Problem solved. Now she just needs them to put their dirty dishes in the sink, but that’s a battle for another day.

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