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Do you have children that keep losing their house keys? Do you need to hide a spare key while you are at the office or out of town? If there is an emergency, you need to have a secure way for a family member or a friend to get inside your house.

Hide a Key Rock

Our Stone Safe hide-a-key rock allows you to store a key outdoors. This safe will blend in seamlessly with other stones in your landscape. You can easily stash a key inside the rock and place it near your door. In addition to stashing a house key, the Stone Safe is large enough to squirrel away some cash or other small items that a friend or family member needs to pick up when you are not home.

If you are storing a key outdoors, you want it in an inconspicuous location. Our Stone Safe is a perfect choice. Simply place it in your landscape along with several natural rocks. The stone is so realistic that it will blend in and would-be burglars will not notice it. Place it close enough to your door so that it is convenient, but not so close that it stands out from the other rocks in your landscape.

Stone Safe

Our Stone Safe can be used to:

  • Hide a key for your children or family members
  • Hide a small amount of money
  • Hide small items that need to be picked up

Hiding a key under your doormat is not safe. A would-be a thief will look under planters and doormats for a key. Rather than risk an unwanted intrusion, you need a stone safe to hide a key to your home. With this fantastic product, you can safely hide a key outdoors. Our realistic Stone Safe looks like the other rocks in your landscape, allowing you to stash a house key with confidence. Keep your home safe and order your Stone safe today!

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