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This home diversion safe looks and feels exactly like a regular can of Sprite - but this is no ordinary can of soda. Unscrew the top and you will find a secret and safe hiding place for your valuables. If you’re looking to increase home safety, this home safe can will be perfect for the job. Once you have put your valuables inside it will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your possessions.

To use the can, simply unscrew the top, place your items inside, and then screw the top back on. This home safe is partially weighted so it will have the heft of a real can, even if you just load it with cash. The inner compartment is small enough to store jewellery, SD cards, SIM cards, and any other precious items you may wish to hide.

Interior dimensions of safe 1⅛" x 3½" 

User report: Kay likes nothing better after a long day than to relax with a can of ice cold Sprite in the garden. This hidden soda can safe is so realistic that Kay always has to do a double take when grabbing her drink at the end of the day. She likes this home safe because a burglar would never notice it, which is exactly what she needs. Kay has a growing collection of jewelery, and worries that if she ever got burgled they’d take away her hard-earned valuables. This home safe can blends perfectly with all of her other soda cans, so she’s now free to daydream about her next purchase.  

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