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Soda Can Safe A & W ROOTBEER

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This A & W soda can safe looks just like any other can of soda – but it’s hiding a secret. Unscrew the top to discover that this is an extremely convincing hidden safe. Home diversion safes like this provide an excellent solution to home safety concerns. If you place it on a shelf in your kitchen or pantry, it will blend in completely, and provide a safe location for your valuables. The can is slightly weighted, which gives it a convincing heft if a burglar did start to check your soda cans.

Root Beer Diversion Safe

To use this small safe, simply unscrew the top, insert your cash or other valuable items, and close it back up. The inner recess has room enough for cash, jewellery and other valuable items like SD cards, USB sticks, and even small documents.

Interior dimensions of safe 1 ¼" x 2 ¼" x ¾" 

User report: Carly knows root beer is an acquired taste, which is why she loves this A & W Root Beer hidden safe. Her husband and kids can’t stand the stuff, and it's the one soda she can guarantee will never be drunk. Carly is fine with that, because this is where she hides her emergency candy bar. Candy bars never last long in her house – as soon as the kids get home from school they’re on the hunt for a sweet treat. Thanks to this realistic looking small safe though, Carly always has an emergency candy to hand.  

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