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Soda Can Safe DR PEPPER

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Get a home diversion safe you can trust with this Dr Pepper home safe can. Like all of our incredibly realistic home safe products, this soda can safe can be easily loaded with your valuables and blends in seamlessly, no matter where you place it. It could even be put in your locker at work, or tossed in your bag when you leve the house. The can is slightly weighted, meaning that it not only looks like the real thing, but feels like it too.

Dr Pepper Pop Can Safe

To use the safe, simply unscrew it at the top and insert your items. It then easily screws closed again, providing a great item to add to your home security system. The inner compartment is perfectly sized for cash and other valuables like jewellery and watches.

Interior dimensions of safe 1 ¼" x 2 ¼" x ¾" 

User report: Maggie works as a night cleaner at a research facility, which means she’s often out of the house for most of the night. She lives alone and is always looking for ways to make a safer home while she’s out. Maggie also loves Dr Pepper, and has drank a can a day for 40 years. Not this can though. This one is a hidden safe can, which she sets at the back of the cabinet amongst all the other soda cans. Now she doesn’t need to worry about being out at night. Even if a burglar did find their way in, they’d never spot this hidden safe. 

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