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Coke Can Money Safe

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Hidden safe ideas can be hard to come by – but this classic coke can money safe looks and feels just like a real can of coke. This soda can safe can be easily loaded with your valuables and blends right into your home, office, or workplace. The can is slightly weighted which is what makes it feel so realistic. Even if a burglar was rifling around in your possessions, they’d hardly notice the difference.

Coke Can Money Safe

To use the safe, simply unscrew it at the top and insert your items. It then easily screws closed again, providing a great hidden safe compartment that will blend in seamlessly. The inner compartment is perfectly sized for cash and other valuables like jewelery, and SD cards.

Interior dimensions of safe 1⅛" x 3½" 

User report: Walter is a science teacher in a suburban high school. After a long day of teaching unwilling students about covalent bonds, he likes nothing more than a well-earned smoke break. But the school has a strict no-tobacco policy. Not to worry though, Walter has a hidden safe which looks exactly like a can of Coke. Every day at exactly 3.45pm the bell rings for the end of last period, and Walter takes a stroll around the block to ‘enjoy his soda’. No-one is any the wiser. Well done Walter. 

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