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Shelly works the morning shift before school. She often has to carry her wages from work to school, and then find somewhere safe to keep the cash for the day. Usually this is OK, but when it comes to after-school practice, she worries about leaving cash and other valuables in her purse, even if it is in her locker. Her mom bought her this 7UP can home safe and Shelly keeps it in her locker at school. 7UP is one of Shelly’s favorite drinks, so the safe never looks out of place, and she can go to practice with peace of mind.

Small Hidden Home Safe

When it comes to small home safes there are a wide array of options. This soda can home diversion safe looks exactly like a regular can of 7UP, so is perfect for multiple uses and settings. This hidden home safe can be filled with your cash, jewelry, and other valuable items, and then placed on the shelf where it will fit right in. Perfect for the kitchen, locker, store room, or even tossed into your bag, this hidden safe is slightly weighted so that it looks and feels like the real thing.

To use the can, simply unscrew from the top, insert cash and other valuables, and then twist the top back on. The inner compartment is perfect for cash, but it can be also used for other items you would like to keep secure – like SD cards and USB drives. A great solution to your home security worries.

Interior dimensions of safe 1" x 3 1/2" 

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