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Every bathroom has a can of shaving cream under the sink or even next to it. Who would suspect that yours actually has a hidden compartment inside? This can is perfect for any home, apartment, dorm room, camper, or anywhere else a male is living. Heck, even if you don't have a man living with you, a spare can of shaving cream tucked away in the supply closet for guests would not seem out of the ordinary.

Barbasol Can Safe

The beauty of this shaving cream can hidden safe is that it will fit into almost any location. From bathroom cabinet to camper van, gym locker to dorm room - there aren't very many places where this nifty diversion safe would look out of place. This hidden home safe is slightly weighted so even if a burglar did pick it up to try the weight, it would blend right in. This makes it the perfect way to make sure you have a safer home.

To store your valuables safe at home, simply unscrew the bottom, insert your items and then close it back up. The interior size is large enough to hold cash and other small items of value such as jewelry, USB drives, and SD cards. A great addition to your home security needs.

Instead of learning how to make a Barbasol shaving cream can safe, you get one here already professionally crafted. Only 24 bucks and the shipping is free. And yes, it was this brand can safe that was seen in the Jurassic Park movie.

Interior dimensions of safe: 1 3/4" x 3 1/4".

User report: Rob loves a good holiday with his friends – sun, sea, and surf are the perfect balm for the stresses in life. But he’s always worried that his spare cash will go missing from the hotel room when he’s away. There’s nothing worse than grinding away at a job you hate all year, only to have your cash stolen when you’re on holiday. Rob had a great idea though and bought this Barbasol can safe. It never looks out of place in a hotel room with all his other bathroom gear, so he can relax by the pool and not have to worry. Perfect.

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