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Iced Tea Can Safe

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If you’re looking for hidden safe compartments and are a lover of iced tea, this home diversion safe could be just what you’re looking for. Designed to look and feel exactly like a real can of iced tea, this hidden diversion safe adds that extra layer of security to your home. Once filled with your valuables, this iced tea can safe can be placed on a shelf in the kitchen, in the pantry, or on a shelf at work where it will blend in perfectly.

Beverage Can Safe

To use this home safe, simply unscrew the top, insert the items you wish to hide and then close it back up again. The inner compartment is the perfect size for spare cash, jewelery, and other precious items like SD cards, USB sticks, and even small documents like payslips.

Interior dimensions of safe 1 ¼" x 2 ¼" x ¾" 

User report: Lyndsey works in a coffee kiosk at the train station. She loves her work, but she has to store her bag in the unlocked break room, and doesn’t feel comfortable leaving cash in her purse. She loves this small safe that looks exactly like a real can of iced tea. She’s found that if she puts it on the shelf towards the back, no-one ever really notices it’s there. Even if they do, they have no idea it isn’t just a can of tea. So now if she ever needs to, she can discreetly hide her money away for the duration of her shift.  

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