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Hair Spray Diversion Safe

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Jill works as a hairdresser and specializes in up-dos for fancy weddings. There’s no limit to the magic she can weave with a serious back-combing session and a can of hair spray. That’s why this home safe blends in with the other bottles in her salon perfectly. If there’s ever any spare cash that she needs to keep safe in the salon overnight she simply puts it into this home money safe and leaves it on the shelf with all the other bottles. A burglar would never know the difference, so Jill can keep her cash safe and sound.

Hair Spray Secret Safe

This hair spray can diversion safe would be the perfect partner to our hairbrush diversion safe or equally good used on its own. This small security safe looks exactly like an ordinary can of hairspray, and once loaded with your valuables would not look out of place in the bathroom, bedroom, or even locker or workplace.

To use the safe, just unscrew from the bottom, place your items inside, and then close it up again. The inner safe compartment is large enough to hold valuable items such as cash, jewelry, SD cards, and even some smaller documents. This would make a great at home safe, and may well become your best home safe.

Interior dimensions of safe 2" x 4 3/8" 

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