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Engine Degreaser Hidden Safe

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If you're looking to buy a hidden safe, then this product is perfect for you. Made to look exactly like a can of engine degreaser, this home diversion safe will blend perfectly into your garage or workshop. Not only does it look the part, but it is also slightly weighted, meaning that it feels like the real thing too. This could also make a great hiding place for a spare key if you have an outside workshop or shed.

Garage Secret Safe

To use this hidden safe can, simply unscrew the bottom, insert your items, and close it back up again. You can then place it on your workshop or garage shelf where it will look just like any of the other cans. The inner safe is large enough to hold cash and other small valuable items such as watches, jewelery, USB drives, and SD cards.

Interior dimensions of safe 1¼" x 3¾"

User report: Sam works as a car detailer, and sometimes she likes to stop for a refreshing drink on the way home. For years, she kept her payment card safe in her top pocket, but one day it slipped out of her pocket down the side of the seat in a car she was detailing. No beer for Sam that day. The next day she ordered one of these engine degreaser home safes, and keeps her card safely stored away in the workshop as she works. No-one else knows it’s there, and she’ll never miss out on after-work drinks again.  

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