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Coffee Creamer Safe

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Vinnie wants a flat screen TV to watch the football, but his wife is dead set against it. This hasn’t deterred Vinnie though. He’s been saving up his spare cash at the end of the week and storing it away in this coffee creamer hidden safe can. His wife takes her coffee strong and black, so she’d never try to use the creamer anyway. All Vinnie really has to worry about is convincing his wife that secretly saving up for a flat screen was a great idea. Sneaking a flat screen TV into the house will be considerably harder than hiding his coffee creamer safe.

Coffee Creamer Hidden Safe

Blending in seamlessly in the kitchen or break room, this coffee creamer safe container is the perfect place to store valuable items such as cash and jewelery. If you’re looking for hidden safe ideas, this coffee creamer small safe can provide that added later of security. When filled with your valuables, simply place the container alongside your other food items, and no-one will be any the wiser.

To use the safe, simply unscrew from the bottom, load your items, and reseal. The inner compartment measures 1¾" x 5", which makes it one of our roomier home diversion safes. It can be used to hide cash, jewelery, SD cards, USB sticks, and even smaller documents like payslips.

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