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Coffee Can Hidden Safe

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Laura’s husband Vinnie is up to something. He’s been talking about buying a flat screen TV for weeks, and Laura can’t seem to talk him out of it. The problem is, she already has the cash ready and is planning to buy him the TV for his birthday in a month. She’s been storing the money in this coffee can hidden safe in the pantry, and Vinnie has yet to notice it’s there. She keeps the coffee can in the kitchen filled up, and he never has reason to grab this one. Hiding the money safely is easy enough, it’s getting the screen into the house without him noticing on the eve of his birthday - that’s the challenge.

Coffee Can Covert Safe

Perfect for coffee lovers, this home diversion safe will blend in effortlessly with your other coffee cans, making it the perfect piece of home safety equipment for those worried about cash in their homes. When filled with your valuables, simply place the coffee can alongside your existing possessions, and a burglar will struggle to pick it out as a potential source of cash.

This coffee can safe screws open and closed from the bottom and has interior safe dimensions of 3" x 3½". This makes it an ideal size for cash, jewelry, SD cards, USB sticks, and anything else small but precious that you need to stash away securely.

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