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Beer Can Safe

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Clark is one of the leading investigative reporters in the city. When it comes to in-depth research and just-in-time interviews, Clark is your man. A few weeks ago, he uncovered corruption at city hall and found an important document that could bring the underworld to its knees. He can’t leave the document at work – you can never tell the lengths these shameless criminals will go to in order to protect their secrets. Clark took the document home and hid it safely in this beer can home safe, ready for when his big scoop hits the headlines next week.

Hidden Safe in a Beer Can

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this beer can home safe for the real thing - it looks so realistic. This small safe is the perfect place to store your valuable items and cash around the house. Once filled, this beer can safe can be placed on a shelf in the kitchen, or even inside the refrigerator, where it will blend in perfectly. This diversion safe beer can unscrews from the top and is slightly weighted so that it has both the look and feel of an actual can of beer.

To use this unique hidden safe container, simply unscrew the top, place your items in the inner compartment, and then seal back up. The inner compartment is roomy enough to take cash, as well as other valuable items like jewelry, SD cards, and even small documents.

Interior dimensions of safe 1" x 3¾"

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