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Ajax Can Hidden Safe

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Mike loves a clean house, and he spends at least an hour a day cleaning. It’s a shame that his lazy housemates have no interest in cleaning, they really are a messy bunch. On the upside, it does mean that Mike can store his pizza money safely in this hidden safe can with absolutely no risk of his housemates finding it. After a long week of classes, Mike loves nothing more than coming home to his clean room and ordering a pizza – and he never has to worry about having cash because it’s always in his hidden safe, away from his housemates prying hands.

Hidden Safe in an Ajax Can

This Ajax can hidden safe looks exactly like the real item. The 21oz size can is slightly weighted so that if a burglar did start to look through your belongings, they would not know that this is a home safe, even if they lifted it up. These Ajax cans are so common within homes that this hidden safe can is a great addition to your home safety system.

The can unscrews from the bottom, and the interior safe has dimensions of 1¾" x 5 ½". This is plenty of room to safely and securely store cash around your home, and could also be used for small items of jewelry like bracelets and watches. Simply load the can up, and put it in the cupboard with the rest of your cleaning supplies.

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