"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

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Hidden Containers

The best hiding places are in plain sight!

Use one of these safes to keep your valuables hidden and protected from would-be thieves, even if they start snooping. Each of these safes is carefully crafted to appear exactly like their non-safe counterparts. Every small detail is accounted for from their size to their printing.

The keen eye for detail and quality ensures that even the most observant of thieves won't be able to tell the difference. You could hide your rock safe or flowerpot safe in your garden. How about a book safe on your shelf or the clock safe on your wall? There are also beverage can safes!

You are sure to find one in your favorite with so many options to stash your valuables.

Simply place your safe in a spot that someone would, naturally, find the real version. For example, your shaving can safe could go into the bathroom. Or, beverage safes in the pantry. This blends your items among the rest, making it virtually impossible for someone to spot the difference!  

Yes, you can hide your valuables right in plain sight with one or two of these hidden container safes. Look at all these options including the hair brush safe and pop can stash safe. Here are our Top Ten Diversion Safes.

You'll definitely find something you can use in your own home. Get one of these hidden safes to keep your prized possessions protected, today.