Wireless Electricity?

by Scotsman Shield
Wireless Electricity

Have you ever thought of how many things around us, that we can’t see we just take for granted? Our television for one. We just hit the control and are for the most part are assured of the signal coming in for our programs, but we can’t see the signal. We have been programmed to know that the signal is forever going out and we need merely connect to it at our leisure. Have you ever seen electricity? You know it’s in the wall when you plug your lamp or in the kitchen when you plug in your blender. We just take it for granted, provided our electric bill is paid up to date.

Have you ever walked across the floor and touched a friend and experienced an electrical shook and maybe seen a blue streak of electricity pass through your finger or hand? These things happen all of the time.

Could it be that we are surrounded by electricity and we are not consciously aware of it? Could it be that the atmosphere on our planet is charged with electricity and of course like many things, is invisible?

Well, having said all of that……there are in our midst geniuses who have arrived at the conclusion that we can harness this electricity, which we can’t see and change the course of our lives…dramatically.

What I am about to relate will change your entire concept of electricity.

Have you heard about NanoCrystal electricity? It’s a revolution coming straight at us. We are all aware of the fact that electricity has always, since the beginning of time, been around us, it just needed to be discovered as to how to apply to our everyday lives, which we, for the most part, take it for granted. Well, this miracle of electricity has now been discovered that it can be utilized without the need for wires, sockets, plugs or batteries. It can travel on RF frequencies to any given device needing electrical energy. It can power up anything in the household and run your electric automobile.

No further need for power companies, they will become a thing of the past. All sightly power lines and underground cables will disappear… the future of electricity is here!

Wireless Electricity

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley there is a firm that has perfected this technology. This company has been awarded the Thomas Edison award, this is one of the highest awards that a company can receive and this company received it for its electrical technologies utilizing RF signals.

Can you imagine the revolution this new technology will have on our Country and our World? Never again will we be tied to electrical wires. This magnificent technology will open the door for innovation the likes of which this World has never seen. Imagine being able to charge your cellphone without any connection to any of our electrical devices. Imagine running our homes free from any outside source of power.

It goes without saying that this technology will meet some serious headwinds when you consider the disruption of many established utility companies dealing in electrical distribution. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that certain forces will do all in their power to slow down or even stop this technology going forward. We might even see our Government step in under the guise of some conjured up idea that this could prove to be dangerous to the public; and as such preventing this from going forward. Certainly, there will no doubt be legal action under some legal guise conjured up by a major law firm representing those most affected by this revolution.

I would imagine that decades ago the same thing probably did occur by those in opposition to the automobile and the airplane, but our nation was freer in those times than and not nearly as complex as it is today. BE ASSURED………….

This new technology…. in the end, will come forth and be a blessing to all mankind.


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