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Top 10 Diversion Safes That Will Fool Even the Smartest Intruder

by Scotsman Shield
Top Ten Diversion Safes

Every year, there are more than 2 million American homes that are robbed. Those who break into these homes often make off with cash, jewelry, and other valuables that are not secured properly.

Do you want to make sure that a burglar isn't able to make off with anything valuable? If so, you should strongly consider strategically placing diversion safes throughout your home.

Diversion safes are designed to hide any valuables you might have in plain sight. Unlike an ordinary safe, a diversion safe won't look like something that would have valuables in it. Burglars will, therefore, be unlikely to try and break into them.

Let's take a closer look at 10 diversion safes that will fool even the smartest of home intruders.

1. Book Safe

A home intruder isn't going to have the time to pick up a book and read it while they're rummaging through your things. They're also not going to think to sift through all the books on a bookshelf looking for something of value.

Book Safe | Hidden Safe in a Book!

That's what makes this book safe such a good investment. It looks real and can allow you to hide cash, jewelry, and more so that it won't be detected during a break-in.

2. Flower Pot Safe

This flower pot safe has a hidden compartment that can hold so many different items. Whether you want to stick a wad of money in it or a small piece of jewelry, you won't have any trouble doing it.

Flower Pot Secret Safe

And what makes this diversion safe truly unique is that it can actually be used to grow plants and flowers. An intruder won't give it a second glance when they see that it has these things growing in it.

3. Stone Safe

Do you want to hide something right outside your home where no one will find it?

Go ahead and stick whatever it is inside of this stone safe for safekeeping. It's small and will blend in with all of the other stones that you have situated outside of your house.

Stone Key Hider

This safe will really come in handy for those who want to hide a spare key for their home outside. Rather than sticking a spare key under a mat or under a plant pot where it'll be easy to find, put it inside of this diversion safe instead so that no one but you will know that it's there.

4. Wall Socket Safe

Look around at the walls inside of your home. There's a good chance you have dozens of wall sockets scattered throughout the house.

It's what allows this wall socket safe to be so effective. It will blend in with all of your other wall sockets and look so real that you might be tempted to try and charge your phone with it.

It's not a real wall socket, though, and will pull out to reveal a hidden compartment that's large enough to store cash, jewelry, USB drives, and more.

No one will give this wall socket a second thought when you install it properly.

5. Shaving Can Cream Safe

If someone ever breaks into your home, they're probably not going to think to look for anything valuable in your bathroom. Most people don't keep money and other valuables next to their toilet and shower.

But if an intruder does take the time to look through your bathroom, they won't suspect anything when they see this shaving can cream safe. It looks and feels just like a real bottle of shaving cream.

Fake Shaving Cream Can Safe

The bottom of the can unscrews to reveal a compartment that can house any valuables you want. Best of all, you can also take it to the gym or on vacation with you and use it elsewhere without anyone guessing it's a diversion safe.

6. Engine Degreaser Safe

Do you have any valuable items stored in your garage or shed? Maybe you keep a key for a car or money that you earn by running a small business.

Whatever you want to protect, you can do it with this engine degreaser safe. The bottom of it twists off to provide you with the space to hide just about anything you want.

To make it look extra real, you should consider covering it with a bit of dirt, grease, and grime. That will make it look right at home on your workshop shelf.

7. Hairbrush Safe

Whether you want to secure some money you have laying around your dorm room or keep your car key safe at the gym, this hairbrush safe will help you do it.

The top of the brush unscrews and offers you a place to put things like cash and USB memory sticks. While it would work well in your home, you can also take it just about anywhere and use it. It'll completely throw people off if they ever attempt to steal from you.

8. Coffee Creamer Safe

Is there something you'd like to hide from your co-workers at the office?

This coffee creamer safe has a large compartment that is capable of holding money, memory cards, pay stubs, keys, and so much more.

You can put it in the back of the refrigerator at home or work or keep it on your counter or desk. Either way, you won't have to worry about anyone trying to break into it.

9. Coffee Can Safe

If you don't feel comfortable hiding valuables in a coffee creamer safe, this coffee can safe will also do the trick. It's large enough to hold money, jewelry, and more and will blend right in with all the other coffee products you have in your home or business.

10. Wall Clock Safe

This wall clock safe will do more than just store items like cash, jewelry, and USB sticks. It'll also function as a clock that you can use to tell time.

If you're going to buy a clock for your home or business anyway, why not make it one that can lock up your valuables? It'll prove to be a good investment from the moment you put it up on the wall.

Start Adding Diversion Safes to Your Home Today

There are so many diversion safes that you can use to throw intruders off.

You should consider purchasing one or more of them to keep items in your home and business safe. You'll be glad that you have them hiding in plain sight if you're ever the victim of a break-in.

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