The Internet and Our Freedom

by Scotsman Shield

There is an old true and tried statement which is: "Absolute Power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Can it be said today that this might apply to the present day "Internet?"

Our House of Representatives is debating this issue now as this is written. Is our privacy in jeopardy? Is our independent decision process being compromised? It certainly would appear that such is the case.

Newscaster have been sounding the alarm for some time now and the public is becoming aware of this situation. The influence of the Internet could possibly be influencing our elections.

This is startling, that our minds could be so influenced that the free flow of our individual intelligence can be, unknown to us, directed in such a manner as to impact our personal decisions.

Would this not be border line hypnosis through an electronic force such as the Internet? Should action be taken by our Legislative body? The primary purpose of our Government to protect the people not just from outside forces, but also those that pose threats inside our nation.

Since the beginning, the Internet has been able to function without any constraints and has grown as a marvelous tool in so many areas of human endeavor.

They are too vast to calculate, they have changed the course of history.

Like the invention of the telephone that provided communication nationwide and eventually worldwide. Eventually this great advancement in history had to be regulated for the prevention of a monopoly that could suffocate competition and competition is the heart blood of creative advancement.

It is the foundation of our capitalistic system.

Those old enough will remember the breakup of AT&T, which at the time was met with an enormous backlash, but later proved to be, not only a boon to AT&T, but the introduction of competition that was of vast benefit to the American public.

Competition is the key word here.

Our economic system thrives on this, as it brings more and better things that advance the comforts of life and are a blessing to the people.

Consider the automobile - It was not that many years ago that the only thing we had for transportation was the horse and buggy, but along came the automobile freeing up the people to travel anywhere they wished freely.

Regulation had to come into effect to provide safety in this new and marvelous method of getting from one place to another quickly, when compared with the alternative.

Once again competition came into place, in the rush to manufacture automobiles, and as we know Henry Ford led the way. And through his competitive approach, provided the populace with vehicles.

Here again, regulation had to come into play to protect the populace with proper laws to guide the driver and provide safety mechanisms.

Having said all of this, the idea of passing laws and restriction on those functioning in the internet; would appear to be quite proper and possibly doing to the internet that which this nation did to AT&T.

Through the splitting up those that presently present an apparent monopoly. This could well present opportunities not only for the existing companies, but for competition to enter the internet and advance this marvelous technology to heights we can only imagine.

It is timely that action be taken by the Legislature and the populous should demand from their elected officials that.

If indeed mind control is actually going on, that steps must be taken to take away this vicious element as the very idea flies in the face of freedom of expression and perhaps the most important, freedom for the people of the United States of America.

Our Constitution guarantees us the right to pursue LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, can we afford to allow anything to deprive us of this guarantee……such as an electronic device?


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