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7 Self Defense Moves All Women Should Practice

by Scotsman Shield
Self Defense Moves

It's estimated that every 92 seconds an American is sexually assaulted.

So if you're fearing for your safety in your daily life. There's a good reason to be.

But, there a lot of different things women can do to protect themselves.

One of the most practical being to learn how to physically defend themselves.

Every once in a while you'll see a headline about a victim of an assault who was able to get away with just a little bit of self defense moves knowledge.

So what are the core moves every woman should know? We'll explore that below.

Understanding the Keys to Self Defense

The truth is most of us will never be a martial arts expert. But you don't have to be to know how to defend yourself.

Some may write-off self defense classes or "tips" like these as not really being helpful. That it won't help a "person like them."

But the opposite is true. It's not about saying that the perfect straight punch can save your life. But knowing some basics, and a strategy of where to strike can.

All of the moves below should be memorized as go-to moves. Just as much as where to hit an attacker.

There are what are called "vulnerability areas." These are key areas of weakness that will almost-guarantee to disable an opponent. But also help create space between the two of you.

Giving you more time to think, and escape the situation. These areas are the eyes, nose, neck, groin, and knees.

The first area is the eyes. Impairing an assailant's ability to see, even for only a few seconds. Can give you ample time to go from being the prey to the hunted in a situation like this.

The nose is fairly easy to crack or break as far as body parts go. It also produces a dramatic display of blood and pain. When hit just right.

Temporarily cutting off oxygen flow by a sharp assault on the neck. Is a great way to shock an attacker.

Losing the ability to breath will send a person into a panic. Giving you the upper side of the situation.

Most women are taught from as early as grade school. That the groin is the most sensitive area on a male. Delivering a blow to this area will guarantee a stunning pain to an assaulter.

The last area to aim for is the knees. It's a great opportunity to physically destabilize an attacker.

Striking them in the front or back of the knee can make them lose balance. It can even make it difficult for them to walk. Putting you at an advantage.

The Classic Self Defense Moves: Straight Punches

Knowing how to throw a good, classic straight punch is essential for all women.

If you've ever taken a kickboxing or boxing class. You know that a lot of your power and maneuverability comes from your leg work and your hips.

First, get into a fighting stance. You'll want to start with your hips and shoulders so that the arm throwing the punch is almost behind you.

You'll feel more anchored. Women carry a lot of power in their hips. Launching a strike from this position. Will be more forceful than standing straight on.

When you punch out and make a fist. Make sure your thumb is tucked underneath the rest of your fingers. Stretch with the inside of your arm. Not the outside.

This activates the bicep muscle. And will make your punches more efficient and controlled.

For the strongest punch. Keep both of your feet planted. But simply rotate your back to pointing forward when you launch into the punch.

You can also deliver some serious damage to an attacker by adding some everyday items to your punch. Like holding keys or pen between your knuckles.

Tried and True Self Defense Moves: Elbow Strikes

With the right amount of luck. Anyone can potentially knock-out an attacker with an elbow to the face.

While being aware of your surroundings is one of the best preventative moves. If you happen to let an attacker et close enough.

You can, at the very least. Cause enough physical damage to destabilize an assailant with an elbow strike.

An elbow strike is usually a more guaranteed way to hit another person. Because you can easily break or hurt your hand when delivering a punch to someone face.

There are a handful of different types of elbow strikes out there.

But technicalities and techniques are likely to be forgotten in a threatening situation. So it's important to ingrain it in your mind that the elbow is not only an option when you're under attack.

It's powerful when backed by a lot of force.

You can use an elbow strike to defend yourself against an attacker who's coming at you head-on.

If they grab you, slightly pivot to get some wind behind the elbow that's closest to them.

Push your elbow out. This will create some space between you and the assailant.

Then bring your elbow up from the side to the assaulter's throat or face for the strike.

The Defensive Self Defense Moves: Repel Bear Hugs

Attackers will often approach from behind. It's a very vulnerable position for a victim.

Not having your appendages facing an assailant. Leaves you with little ability to defend yourself.

An assaulter will do what it called a "bear hug." Where they will wrap their arms around you wide. In an effort to lock your arms and gain full control of your body.

If you're in this situation, the key is to make yourself heavy. Making it difficult for the aggressor to

Simply bend your legs and drop almost like you would while doing a squat. You want to get your bottom low.

The more you keep your head up. The lower you'll be able to go.

The point is to make yourself difficult to control. Squatting down to the ground will give your body a firmness that's hard to manipulate.

This move will create imbalance for the attacker. When he's unbalanced, you have the ability to move your positioning. Striking the groin or another vulnerable area. Or running away.

Women's Go-To Self Defense Moves: Kicks

Women feel comfortable with kicks. Most women are stronger in their hips, legs, and glutes than their arms. Plus, the idea of a kick creates distance between an attacker.

The straight kick and the knee kick are two of the most effective moves. They target the groin, which is one of the most vulnerable spots to strike an assaulter.

The goal with a straight kick is to deliver the most powerful blow you can to an assailant's groin.

You'll want to slightly bend both of your knees. Then raise one of your legs in a bent position. Thrust your hips forward as you extend your leg forward. Delivering the strike.

You'll want to make sure the less-dominant leg that's not doing the kick. Is firmly secured on the ground before you go for the kick. The more stable this leg is. The more forceful your kick will be.

A knee kick is a great go-to if your attacker is too close for you to throw a punch or a straight kick. Or if for some reason you're unable to strike using your elbows.

You'll simply thrust your knee up as hard as you can into the attacker's groin. Try to target the groin with the tip of your knee.

The Best Self Defense Moves Are Simple and Effective

Along with the knowledge of these simple self defense moves. It's important to keep in mind the most vulnerable areas of a person to attack.

The eyes, nose, neck, groin, and knees are all the best targets. If you aim for these, you will be putting up a fight.

You could be the next woman making headlines for using the basics to defend yourself.

What's even better is that most men who attack women do not have a lot of respect for females. They will underestimate you.

Making your confidence and ability to react quickly and effectively shocking to them. Which will make them even more vulnerable to you.

It's also never a bad idea to carry some extra ammo around with you in your backpack or purse.

Things like stun guns, pepper spray, and personal alarms are all made to be compact.

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