5 Reasons Women Should Enroll in a Self-Defense Course

by Scotsman Shield
Self Defense Course

Are you tired of living your life in fear of attack? Wish you knew how to avoid or respond when faced with a potentially scary situation?

While having a can of pepper spray or stun gun can be effective in deterring a criminal, it may not always be enough. If you're looking for a way to increase your safety (and peace of mind), you should consider taking a self-defense course.

Not sure what a women's self-defense class is or why you should consider taking one? In this article, we'll outline everything you need to know about these classes, so you can decide if signing up for one is right for you.

What is Women's Self-Defense?

Women's self-defense is a course in which women learning verbal confrontation skills, physical techniques, and safety strategies that prepare them to avoid, escape, and survive violent assault or attacks.

In most cases, these classes teach you the skills you need to slow down or escalate a violent scenario. Women's self-defense won't automatically save you from any situation, but it will increase your preparation and readiness to handle it.

How Does Self-Defense Courses Work?

There's no one way of teaching or format for self-defense; there's a variety of course options that can meet the need of any woman. Some classes are as short as a two-hour session, whereas others can be upwards of 8 weeks long.

A good self-defense class, however, will offer you a variety of options, techniques, and ways of handling situations. Every situation is unique, so it's important that the class teaches the individual several different ways to approach the encounter.

5 Reasons Women Should Enroll in a Self-Defense Course

Now that you know what self-defense is, you're probably wondering why you should an enroll in a course. Here are 5 reasons why you should up for a self-defense course today.

It Keeps You Safe & Makes You Feel Safer

Did you know college women were less than half as likely to report being sexually assaulted after taking a 10-week self-defense class? No one wants to imagine being attacked, but there's always a chance it could happen, so it's important to be prepared. A self-defense class could make all the difference if something were to occur.

By being prepared, you can also live in less fear when you're traveling alone or going somewhere late at night. Instead of worrying about what could potentially happen, you can rest easy knowing that you'd be able to hold your own if someone tried to attack you.

It Improves Your Physical Conditioning & Sharpens Your Instincts

What's great about self-defense courses is that they prepare you both physically and mentally for any potential scary situation. From a physical standpoint, self-defense classes teach you how to take advantage of your normal movements and instincts and apply them to stressful, real-life situations. This improves your body's reflexes and makes you less likely to freeze up during a moment of conflict or attack.

From a mental standpoint, self-defense classes help you develop a fighter's mentality. The classes teach you how to quickly identify and avoid potential danger, which is essential for staying safe. A self-defense class will also reduce your chance of panic and commit the moves you've learned to muscle memory so you don't have to freeze up or second guess what you're doing should a situation arise.

By having great physical and mental reflexes, you can react instantly to any changes in your environment. This will ultimately protect you if you're ever faced with potential danger.

It Increases Your Confidence

As a woman, you shouldn't have to live in fear of being attacked, nor should you feel powerless in your everyday life. Self-defense classes increase your confidence by showing you how to be in control of your own body, and how to release your inner warrior. In these classes, you can go up against someone twice your size and be able to hold your own, which is an amazing and empowering experience.

After taking a self-defense class, you won't feel like you're unable to protect yourself. And during the class, you'll be able to let out stress, energy, and anger in a safe environment that teaches you how to transform those feelings into something more powerful. Not to mention the class is a great chance to break a sweat and get a pleasant endorphin rush.

It's a Great Workout

Self-defense classes aren't just good for teaching you how to protect yourself; they're also a great workout. These classes are high-intensity and adrenaline-pumping, which will help you strengthen and tone your muscles, and even lose weight. Beyond that, these classes often have a high-intensity interval training portion, which will make you physically stronger and help you develop stronger abs.

What's better? People who take high-intensity classes like self-defense report having better sleep and being in better moods more often. So even if you aren't worried about the possibility of attack, these classes are a great workout!

It Teaches You Discipline & Self-Respect

Self-defense skills require true discipline to master them. These courses teach you how to motivate yourself and dedicate yourself to practicing something wholeheartedly. By attending these classes, you can start to develop your discipline skills.

Having good discipline is essential for succeeding in your everyday life. It teaches you how to control your feelings, overcome weakness, and pursue your goals without giving into the temptation to abandon it. You can take the discipline you learn in your self-defense classes and apply it to many different things in your life like dating, hobbies, and work.

Another great part of self-defense is that it's centered around the concepts of trust and self-respect. This type of class requires you to work with a partner on your moves so you can both learn and grow.

This process requires developing a level of mutual trust between each other, which is something you can apply to other areas of your life.

Final Thoughts on Self-Defense Classes

Yes, Self-defense classes are about learning countermeasures to protect yourself from harm and defend your health and well-being. But there are so many additional benefits to taking a defense course. Self-defense courses teach you discipline, trust, self-respect, and empower you in so many ways (while also providing an incredible workout!).

Want to start feeling safer? Check out our self-defense kit before you enroll in your first self-defense class!


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