Best Locations to Choose for Your Security Camera Install

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security camera install

Did you know that there are nearly 2.5 million burglaries every year? Almost 66% of these burglaries are directed to residential properties while others involve commercial and office buildings.

Now you probably understand even better the importance of security camera installation.

A security camera helps to discourage potential malevolent people who might want to break into your house and steal your personal belongings.

Even if the burglary still occurs, a surveillance camera which films everything provides valuable evidence which helps the police track down the thieves.

But what’s the most efficient place to install a security camera? Well, that’s what you’re going to find out in this article, so stay tuned.

Good Places For Security Camera Install

Keep in mind that most burglaries happen at night so it would be great to go for an infrared surveillance camera which records video footage during low-light conditions. There are also 360-degree cameras, vandal-proof cameras which cannot be damaged by thieves, etc.

Once you have found the ideal surveillance camera, here’s where you should install it. Also, check out these safety tips to keep potential burglars away from your home.

1. Front Entrance Door

Around a third of all burglaries take place via the front entrance door. This means that thieves come to the front door, use various tools or equipment to unlock it and then they simply get in to steal valuable items.

Therefore, it makes sense to install a security camera near the front entrance door to supervise this area. Make sure that the camera is installed around the second-floor level, so that burglars cannot reach it and destroy it.

It would be great if you protect your security camera setup with some sort of metal wiring or you get a heavy-duty, vandal proof camera which is almost indestructible.

2. Back Door

Many burglars also choose to enter your house via the back door. This is a common tactic since they might think that the front door is supervised by a surveillance camera.

Well, bad luck for them because you can do the right thing and install a security camera here as well! Make sure that you keep this camera away from plain sight and also try to protect it somehow using a metal encasing or wire.

3. Street Windows

Another great place where you need to install a security camera is around the home windows which face the street. As you probably already know, burglars also like to enter a house by breaking or opening the most accessible window.

Even if you have high-quality windows which feature tempered glass, a surveillance camera is still necessary to keep burglars at bay. The camera should be installed above the windows and supervise the whole area and maybe some parts of the street too.

4. Garage

When thinking about burglary, most homeowners immediately assume getting into the house and stealing valuables such as large TV sets, laptops, jewelry, money, etc.

However, many thieves also target your motor vehicles, even your lawnmower. That's why you need to add a surveillance camera in your garage, especially if you have an expensive car or motorcycle here.

The surveillance camera should be able to film this location in complete darkness as most burglars attack after sunset. It would be wise to have a surveillance camera in front of your garage door too so you can film potential thieves from multiple angles at once. Luckily, these security measures would scare away any burglars, but if they don’t, you have sufficient evidence to help the police find the intruders.

5. Patio or Yard

Granted, people don’t usually have a lot of valuables in their patios or yard, but this area of your property needs to be supervised as well.

For example, some homeowners have expensive water features in their yards. Others have a large TV set in their patio or a beautiful fireplace. It would be great to have a surveillance camera which films this entire area as well as its surroundings.

If you have a pool in your property, a surveillance camera is also necessary here. Not only to prevent thieves and burglars from stealing something, but also to stop intruders from taking impromptu baths at night while you sleep.

6. Driveway

Especially if you have a quite large property, supervising the driveway is also necessary to have more peace of mind. Burglars and thieves usually step onto unprotected driveways, analyzing the place and coming up with their plan. This can be done one or two nights before they attempt burglarizing a house.

Having a surveillance camera here helps you detect suspicious activity and call the police. If a crime actually happens, the video footage can help the authorities identify the malevolent people and bringing them to justice. Supervising your driveways is one of the best ways to prevent break-ins or other types of criminal acts from taking place in your property.

7. Basement

Some homeowners decide to keep different types of personal belongings in their basements. For example, they might keep audio, IT or photography gear here as well as old furniture items and expensive goods. It would be great to have a surveillance camera in your basement to record all activity here.

The best place to install a security camera in your basement would be somewhere in a dark corner. This makes it difficult for potential thieves to spot the camera and destroy it. At the same time, a corner-mounted surveillance camera can easily supervise the entire perimeter and monitor any activity taking place here.

Protect Your House Now!

As the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A security camera install process doesn’t take a lot of time (or money) and gives you more peace of mind when sleeping or while your away on vacation.

On top of surveillance cameras, you can also protect your house using affordable alarm systems. Check out our home alarm systems to learn more about this type of security option and decide which one is best for your residential property!



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