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The Right to Bear Arms: How to Survive a Bear Attack

by Scotsman Shield
How to Survive a Bear Attack

There's a popular quote that says the best way to survive a bear attack is to be faster than the slowest person in the group, but what if that person is you?

Your survival depends not only on what you do in the moment, but also your actions preceding and following the attack. This is where survivalist knowledge can be a matter of life or death.

In this guide, you're going to learn how to survive a bear attack through preparation, defense, escape techniques, first aid, and general survivalist skills.

A Wired or Wireless Alarm System: Which Is Better?

by Scotsman Shield
Wired or Wireless Alarm System?

Before most break-ins, home intruders and burglars check to see if a home is properly secured before they make their next move. In the majority of these cases, if there is evidence of an alarm system, they will go to the next house.

A member of the family is in the house for 30% of home invasions. And that 30%, 7% of those break-ins result in violence against the person or people.

Not only do break-ins leave emotional damage and PTSD for members of the household to deal with, the average value of property and cash were stolen in a burglary is $2,185 according to the FBI.

Purchasing a home alarm system is the best way you can do to protect your family and property. Now the question is, do you choose a wired or wireless alarm system?

Keep reading. We'll help you settle the debate.

5 of the Best Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons to Keep on Your Person

by Scotsman Shield
Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons to Keep on Your Person

Being the victim of a crime is never a pleasant thought. But for 21 out of every 1000 people in the US per year, being the victim of a violent crime becomes a reality.

But you don't have to just 'hope' a criminal never targets you. There are plenty of steps you can take to protect yourself. Choose carefully where you go, at what time of the day, and with whom.

And for those moments that are simply unavoidable, you can carry a weapon.

The idea of carrying a gun may be distasteful to you for any one of a number of reasons. But there are plenty of options out there for non-lethal self-defense weapons.

Here are 5 of our favorite options.

4 of the Best Self Defense Items to Keep in Your Defense Kit

by Scotsman Shield
Best Self Defense Items to Keep in Your Defense Kit

It can be a scary world out there. An American is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds, and 29% of these people were traveling to and from school or work and running errands.

No one who is attacked believed it would happen to them. Unfortunately, this means that most people are completely unprepared for these types of situations. The best self defense is preparation, and in this post, you'll learn how to defend yourself with four of the best items for self-defense.

Ready? Let's get started.

A Look at 2018's Best Stun Guns for Self Defense

by Scotsman Shield
Best Stun Guns for Self Defense

Have you ever been walking alone in the dark and found yourself wishing you have some method of defending yourself? Maybe you wish you had some knowledge of defensive moves. Or you'd like to have an item on hand that would help ward off an attacker.

Whatever self-defense method comes to mind, having some training or a self-defense item can help calm your nerves in this sort of situation.

If you're looking for self-defense options, stun guns are one of the best. Not only can they be small and inconspicuous, they can also be highly effective.

Though, if you're wanting something bigger and more intimidating, they come in those forms too.

There are so many stun guns available that you'd have a hard time counting them. So how do you know which is best?

Your Complete Guide to Motion Detecting Sensors

by Scotsman Shield
Motion Detecting Sensor

United States authorities estimate that over 7.9 million property crimes took place in the country in 2016. That means that 2,450 crimes happened for every 100,000 individuals.

Scary, right?

Especially since it's not only an issue of having your valuables stolen from you. There's also the more important matter of your emotional and mental well-being. Becoming a victim can traumatize anyone, since this also robs them of their sense of safety and security.

It's for this reason that motion detecting sensors have seen a huge increase in its market value. Experts estimate that come 2022, it'll reach a staggering value of $8.17 billion!

That's because this technology has proven time and time again that it plays a crucial part in home and business security systems. That's why you need them at home.

How do they work and benefit you though?

That's what we'll share with you today, so keep reading!

6 Self Defensive Weapons Perfect for the College Student in Your Life

by Scotsman Shield
Defensive Weapons

Life on campus can feel like living in a bubble--and for the most part, it is.

Administration and campus security are focused on providing safe transportation and student protection. But this doesn't mean that your child is safe while walking back to their dorm late at night.

Physical and sexual assault on campus is a harsh reality: students are at the highest risk of being sexually assaulted. On college campuses, 25% of women and 15% of men are victims of assault.

The first steps to staying safe are helping your student recognize the risks and plan ahead.

Top 10 Diversion Safes That Will Fool Even the Smartest Intruder

by Scotsman Shield
Top Ten Diversion Safes

Every year, there are more than 2 million American homes that are robbed. Those who break into these homes often make off with cash, jewelry, and other valuables that are not secured properly.

Do you want to make sure that a burglar isn't able to make off with anything valuable? If so, you should strongly consider strategically placing diversion safes throughout your home.

Diversion safes are designed to hide any valuables you might have in plain sight. Unlike an ordinary safe, a diversion safe won't look like something that would have valuables in it. Burglars will, therefore, be unlikely to try and break into them.

Let's take a closer look at 10 diversion safes that will fool even the smartest of home intruders.

15 Best Self Defense Products For Women

by Scotsman Shield
Best Self Defense for Women

Self defense for women goes back decades. Women were using their hat pins to stab creepy guys on the trolly in the 1900s. That's why those old hat pins are so sharp.

Since then, women have become creative in their pursuits of safety and independence. They sign up for self-defense classes, they develop apps, and they look out for each other.

Unfortunately, the world is still a dangerous place for women. While we can't sell you total peace of mind, we've created a list of the best self-defense products on the market.

Read through our list and pick out the ones you're comfortable with.

Stranger Danger: How to Talk to Your Kids About Safety

by Scotsman Shield
Stranger Danger

Children are smarter than we give them credit for. If you don't believe us, just consider how many times you've read Curious George or another favorite to lull your little moonlighter to sleep.

Chances are your "reading" is purely from memory these days.

So when it comes to discussing the topic of stranger danger, parents have to tread cautiously. You don't want a half-crazed child running rampant through the mall and kicking anyone who smiles at him.

There are safer and effective ways of discussing strangers to the little people. We'll show you how.

Can You Text 911? Your Localized Guide

by Scotsman Shield
Can you text 911?

About one-third of adult Americans prefer sending text messages to making phone calls.

This is especially true for younger adults, and one of the main reasons for this preference is the privacy that comes along with it. It's impossible for someone to "overhear" a texting conversation.

But what about 911? In many cases, contacting 911 is something you definitely don't want other people to hear (especially if you're in a dangerous situation). And if your safety is already being threatened, making a phone call can be impossible.

So can you text 911?

It depends.

Keep reading to learn when, how, and why you should send a text message to a 911 call center.

Are Nanny Cameras Legal in Your State?

by Scotsman Shield
Nanny Cameras Legal?

Hiring a nanny often marks the first time that parents will be separated from their child.

The risks of leaving your child alone with someone new are real. With the news broadcasting nanny-horror stories, people are generally more cautious when hiring babysitters than they used to be.

That being said, most nannies have the best intentions and are excellent with children. It's crucial to trust whoever you hire, but to do so, you might need a little help. In search of peace of mind, parents have taken to installing nanny cameras in their homes.

Nanny cameras are an excellent tool, but there are a few considerations that you have to make before installing one. Both with legal and ethical implications, the use of a nanny camera can do damage to relationships and even get you in legal trouble.

Here's how.

Standing by the Second Amendment: The Best States for Gun Owners

by Scotsman Shield
Best States for Gun Owners

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an amendment written into the Constitution at America's founding. Like the pursuit of liberty, this is a right integral to a truly democratic nation, one where individual freedoms are not limited in light of a higher power's interest.

However, America has an intriguing and healthy mixture of voices, many of which are pronounced in state laws. As such, gun owners may find some American states more suitable than others.

Here, we've compiled a list of the best states for gun owners. Is yours listed?

Your Non-Firearm Guide to The Best Self Defense Weapons

by Scotsman Shield
Best Self Defense Weapons

You're not imagining it.

Random crime and physical attacks like slashings, home invasions, and even sexual assault are all on the rise across the country.

You want to be able to protect yourself, but you wonder about your strength when it comes to fighting off an attacker or defending someone in trouble. However, you also know that gun laws, even when you're using a firearm to protect yourself, can become sticky situations quickly.

So, what's the solution?

You need to look for the best self defense weapons that aren't guns. But which ones are right for you?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

What's The Difference? Robbery, Theft, and Burglary Definitions

by Scotsman Shield
Robbery, Theft, and Burglary Definitions

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, robbery and burglary are two different crimes, and theft is something different altogether. Do you know the difference between the 3 different crimes? If you're unsure, don't worry. You're not alone.

Read more here for theft, robbery, and burglary definitions.


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