How to Deal with a Home Intruder

by Scotsman Shield
Home Intruder

Ready to learn about the best strategies for dealing with a home intruder?

Looking for tips on how to handle a home invasion?

Few things can be scarier than discovering you have an intruder in your home. However, it is a real possibility. While you should try to discourage break-ins and home invasions in the first place, you may still experience it at some point in your life.

In the case someone does break into your home, it's important that you have a game plan on how to deal with it and stay safe. Below are a few of the best options and tips you need to know about to deal with a home intruder.

1. Keep Quiet

The first thing you'll want to remember when someone invades your home is that you need to stay quiet and keep out of sight. Don't alert them of your presence or let them know where you are in the home. If you need to move around for any reason, do it quietly.

In the beginning, you won't know who invaded your home or why. The intruder may be easy to scare off with a loud noise or they may become violent quickly. You don't want to take any chances, so if possible you'll want to avoid them if possible.

Keeping quiet and staying out of sight will give you a chance to call the police, find a weapon, and do anything else you can to prepare yourself for the worst.

2. Call For Help

As soon as you can, you'll want to call for emergency services to come help. Once you start speaking with the dispatcher describe your situation concisely but also be specific. Despite your nerves, try to speak slowly and clearly to let the dispatcher know that there is an intruder in your home.

Once you're done speaking with them don't hang up the phone. Leave the line open so the dispatcher will be able to listen in after you're done speaking. On average, police arrive after only 10 minutes so try to stay calm and patient while help is on the way.

3. Keep a Weapon Close

While you shouldn't expect to have to use it, as soon as possible you need to get a weapon by your side. Whether you have a baseball bat, a stun gun, or night stick baton, be sure to keep it ready and near you at all times. Be both mentally and physically prepared to use your weapon if necessary.

However, keep in mind that if you use a gun you should know what the relevant laws are in your home city. Are you allowed to shoot a burglar?

Be aware of any legal problems you may face and know what is allowed before you take too much action against them.

4. Let the Other Household Members Know

If you have other people in your home you need to find them and let them know what's going on. They may not have realized that you have an intruder in your home and they may still be asleep.

You may be able to text them or you may be able to quietly go to their rooms. Remember to stay as silent as possible if you need to go to another part of your home.

If you have children it may be better to let them sleep rather than waking them up, since they may make noise if they sense that something strange is going on.

5. Stay Where You Are

When you first realize you have a home intruder it's important that you stay put. Don't do anything rash and make sure that you're thinking clearly before you do anything you'll regret.

It's definitely not a good idea to go charging down your stairs to threaten the intruder wielding a knife or a baseball bat. While this type of rash behavior may help to scare them away, it also might not.

Instead stay where you are in a safe room with your family members or housemates. Try to get all of your family members or people who live in the household together.

Keep the lights turned off and don't make any noises. If you've called the police, you simply need to wait it out and it shouldn't take too long for them to arrive.

6. Decide Whether to Escape

While hiding and waiting for the police to come is often the best choice, in some cases, you may want to consider a complete escape instead. If you believe that the intruder wishes you serious harm or may become violent once they find you, you may want to look for an exit plan.

Open windows are often the best choice for a quick escape but there may be another way out of your home as well, so consider your options thoroughly. Be ready to move fast once you decide to make the decision to escape.

7. Stay Calm and Collected

Remember that you need to stay calm at all times. If the intruder finds you and makes any demands try to remain calm as you communicate with them. Be cooperative and try not to make them angry.

Be sure to follow their demands and try to comply with them. It's better to let them take some of your belongings rather than to risk them seriously hurting you. Remember that by staying calm and collected and by following their directions closely you'll have the best chance of keeping you and your family safe.

8. Only Fight the Home Intruder If Necessary

While you may think you need to bring out all of your best self-defense moves when you encounter an intruder you should only resort to violent action when it is absolutely necessary.

Escaping or hiding is almost always a better option. However, the time may come that an intruder is getting aggressive towards you and you have no other choice but to fight back.

Look for a time when the intruder happens to let down his defenses and then use a hard object or self-defense weapon to take him out. Once he is stunned don't wait to make sure that he is injured, but instead get away as quickly as you can and look for help at a neighbor's house or somewhere else nearby.

Final Thoughts

When you realize that you have a home intruder it can be a terrifying experience. Even if you know what to do you may freeze up and may have a problem carrying out the right actions. However, by keeping the tips above in mind you'll have the best chance at getting through the situation safely and calmly.

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