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Home Invasion Statistics You Need to Protect Your Family

by Scotsman Shield
Home Invasion Statistics

We often imagine that we are entirely safe in our homes. The comfort of the familiar rooms, all of the memories that find their beginning at the front door, and all of the nights that you and your family slept safely.

Those things do bring a sense of comfort, but unless you've taken the steps to protect your home from home invasion, you may not be as safe as you imagine.

If you're not certain that a burglary could happen to you and your family, take a look at these home invasion statistics.

Home Invasion Statistics

One-in-a-millions get thrown out there a lot. "The odds of getting struck by lightning are higher than having a creep find his way into our home." Say those things all you like, but the fact is that they do happen.

According to the Department of Justice, there are over one million home invasions in the United States every year, and those invasions typically happen right after you leave for work. This means that one million houses have been observed.

Over one million families have had notes taken on them, being watched so that the burglar would know when to strike. A home invasion is something that can strip an entire family of the sense of comfort in their home.

Who is Burglarizing?

Burglars understand very well what is on the line when they commit a home invasion. While it's commonly thrown out that burglars must be unintelligent to have the nerve to break into someone's house, that is just not the case.

These people are typically very intelligent and creative in the way they go about their business. Saying that they are dumb simply doesn't make sense when they are dealing with highly sophisticated alarm technology.

You also need to imagine the mindset of someone who is willing to break into another person's home. What would drive a person to do such a thing? Sure, there are those who just have a hunger for danger and criminal activity.

But there are others who might have something more important riding on the break-in. Studies show that at least 25% of all burglaries are committed with the burglar trying to afford something for their family. Maybe rent was due, a hospital bill was getting out of hand, or collections were coming for something that the person really needed.

In any case, someone willing to do such a thing is desperate. People do irrational things when they are desperate, and even more so when they are scared. The last thing that you would want to do is walk in on a desperate, frightened burglar in your home.

What Kinds of Burglaries are Occurring?

The U.S. Department of Justice stated that one million of the burglaries last year occurred with residence in the home. Of that million, somewhere around 270,000 residents became victims of violent crimes.

Additionally, 580,000 of the burglaries committed were a result of forcible entry. These are fast-acting criminals, ones who can rob a home in only minutes. This is because they typically case the house beforehand, identifying their object of desire and quickly finding it upon entry.

Another thing to note is that most break-ins are executed by a resident's neighbor or someone who lives close by. These are people who recognize patterns in behavior, know when you're home and when you're not and can plan accordingly.

If you plan to take a trip out of town, even if you do have a decent security system, find someone to stop by your house regularly, signifying that there is someone around and that the house is not simply vacant for the time being.

A Surprising Amount of Burglaries Occur When Doors Are Unlocked

Research shows that around one-third of break-ins happen as a result of a door or window being unlocked. Many times it's the front door!

The second most common point of entry, after the front door, is any window that lies on the second story of your home. These are often bedroom windows, many times of children's rooms, that people don't think to lock at night or when they leave.

This is a common thing for people to leave unlocked and burglars know this. It's especially risky if there is an overhang on the garage or a balcony that sits next to the window that you're leaving unlocked. Those spaces allow an easy climbing point for the burglars to access the window.

Breaking in is as simple as bringing a ladder at that point. Make sure to lock your doors and windows before you leave your home. Additionally, make sure that the lock on your front door is equipped to your alarm, and that it is quality.

We often find too much comfort in the fact that a lock is a lock. Not all locks are made the same, and just because it "clicks" doesn't mean it won't easily open. Take a trip down to your local locksmith or hardware store and see what they have to offer in the way of locks.

The Average Loss of a Burglary is Over $2,000

It may seem like a pain to go out and buy a security system but think about all of the things in your house that you couldn't live without. Whether you've got family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, or a box of photos of a loved one who passed away, imagine how much it would hurt to lose those things.

It's not likely that someone will still your family photos, but they will snag your camera, television, and maybe even your dog on the way out! Those things are expensive and can bring a lot of money to those who steal them.

Leverage the cost of your valuable items against that of installing a security system. You'll find that the cost of an alarm is nothing compared to the loss of other things in your home.

Start Looking Now

If those home invasion statistics weren't enough, remember that you could be burglarized tonight. There's no moment too soon to start looking for a security system. There are a lot of effective options out there that aren't too expensive.

If you're looking for new security equipment, we have all of the information you need.


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