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Driverless Vehicles

by Scotsman Shield
Driverless Vehicles

You don’t have to be a wizard to see what is coming down the road, no pun intended, but driverless automobiles will soon have a major impact on everything in our lives and much more then we could imagine. Real estate development is in for major changes and many more events will change much in our daily lives, which I will touch upon. I am sure the reader can think of a lot more with just a little thought.

To start off with just a few, parking lots will become thing of the past. With driverless vehicles…why do you need to park? This alone will have a major impact on building requirements. Plans can now expand to the extent that a larger building can be built on a smaller piece of property; without the need for parking areas, a building's footprint can change materially. Existing parking lots and parking areas will offer expansion on existing properties, the likes of which we can only imagine.

Improved Movement

The driverless vehicle will open a new door for movement throughout our land, imagine what a blessing this will be for those who are unable to drive for any number of reasons. Not the least of which are those who are unable to drive due to age or physical incapacity. What a blessing this will be for those who have had to depend upon others for transportation or the hassle of public transportation. The driverless vehicles will soon open up a whole new world for a large segment of our population.

Driver Alarm - Thing of the Past?

Driver Alarm

Will there be any need to stay awake while in the vehicle?

Owning an automobile will become thing of the past. Why bother with ownership if you can have at your beck and call a vehicle that will take you wherever you wish to go without the trouble finding a parking spot and not having the right change for the parking meter or those parking lots that charge you so much you feel like you have to take out a bank loan. Think of the convenience when you wish to return to wherever you came from by merely calling up a driverless vehicle on your cell phone.

Think about the relief from the need for costly automobile insurance and worrying about coverage or possible cancelation, this would be a thing of the past. Also think about standing in those long lines to renew your vehicle registration, or the need to have a driver’s license, at last now only a bad memory. Your home garage suddenly will allow more space for the junk you can now acquire. I could go on and on….how about not worrying about having to pay those outrageous gas prices at your local filling station or even finding one, as they diminish when the need for fuel slowly becomes a thing of the past.

Monthly Subscription?

In the very near future, I predict, you will have a monthly subscription to a stable of driverless vehicles, which upon entering a request in your smart cell phone, the vehicle will appear in the street in front your home. You will then proceed to your destination for shopping or traveling to your office. Then as you leisurely ride in the driverless vehicle, you can review your plans for the day; reading or listening to pleasant music or any number of other things without the stress and tension of driving yourself.

All of this, of course, does not come without a cost, but review how much convenience and direct savings will occur in your life. The changing events through this marvelous monumental way in how we go from one place to another will be a metamorphosis in the history of our glorious republic

It wasn’t that long ago that our only way of getting around was the horse and buggy…how time does change things, but it is always upward and onward. With all of these change in our World, we must bear in mind that we must think about our freedom and realize that our fellow men are not Angels and as such we must protect our freedom and ourselves with the instruments of protection that are readily available and the best way to do that is to go to the SCOTSMANSHIELD.com.


Naturally, these foregoing events will not occur overnight, but those among us who are young should begin to think of the changes, which will come about and make plans to financially benefit. If we survive the coming years, I see a golden age brightly on the horizon.


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